With such a disease, as contact dermatitis, treatment and prevention is mandatory. What kinds of dermatitis exist and how to treat them?

Types of disease

Contact dermatitis is a skin inflammatory disease that occurs when chemicals are applied to the skin. It is divided into two types: simple and allergic.

The duration of the disease ischronic and acute. The acute form is accompanied by wet wounds and swelling. With chronic inflammation, characteristic signs are the appearance of cracks and peeling of affected areas.

Causes, diagnosis, treatment

A simple form of the disease can cause any irritating chemicals, lesions have clearly defined boundaries, a rash appears as red spots, sometimes with marked swelling, ulcers.

Treatment usually reduces to identifying the allergen, further its elimination and wearing protective clothing when necessary contact with allergens (protective gown, gloves, etc.).

The allergic form of the disease manifests itself asa delayed form of an allergic reaction. Occurs on the site of exposure to the allergen, capturing the surrounding skin. Sometimes it can act on the parts of the body far from the source of the lesion. Skin rashes are represented by vesicles, papules and erythema, with characteristic severe itching.

When a disease such asallergic contact dermatitis, treatment consists in the appointment of potent glucocorticoid creams or ointments. In most cases, after the detection and exclusion of the allergen, the disease passes by itself.

Detection of an allergen is quite complex, longa procedure that is determined by the nature of the manifestation of the disease, taking into account all possible contacts of the patient (at work, at home, on the street). The most common allergens are nickel, latex, washing, cosmetic products, household chemicals and so on.

With abundant rashes, as well as lesions of the genitals or facial skin, glucocorticoid drugs are prescribed. Take them inside, the course of treatment - up to 3 weeks.

Chronic contact dermatitis. Treatment

This is a fairly common disease,it is often of a professional nature. Occurs and progresses with frequent, prolonged contact with the allergen. Usually it affects the hands and fingers, appearing on the back side. On the palms of the disease is rare.

Diagnosis is to identify, as well aselimination of allergen. It happens that the use of protective clothing, in addition to a simple form of dermatitis, adds an allergic reaction. Confirmation of the presence of such a reaction can be obtained after the application sample.

If the disease has manifested itself as chronic contact dermatitis, treatment is carried out using wet-drying dressings followed by application of potent glucocorticoid ointments.

Contact dermatitis in children. Treatment

The causes of dermatitis in children canbe different. The most common occurrence of rashes in the form of wet diaper rash between the folds of the skin in fat children. It is accompanied by itching, soreness.

Disease can occur when exposedlow temperatures in the form of redness of the skin, puffiness, dryness and the appearance of cracks. Exposure to direct sunlight also causes dermatitis. On the skin of the baby appears erythema with well-defined boundaries, in difficult cases, with the presence of edema, blisters and severe burning.

Much less often the cause of the disease may bechemical stimuli. Quite often manifested by contact with some disinfectants (iodine, alcohol, essential oils and others). In summer, some types of plants (buttercup, arnica, spurge, cow-bream and others) may become the cause of the appearance of the disease.

If a child has contact dermatitis,treatment and prevention depends on the nature of the stimulus. When irritations occur under the influence of low temperatures, warm baths are prescribed in combination camphor ointment and ichthyol.

In case of an overdose with ultraviolet raysprescribe powders of talc and zinc oxide in equal proportions with the addition of ichthyol. In acute form, lotions are prescribed from a solution of Burov, lead water, a solution of tannin or amidopyrin. After removing a strong irritation, limescale can be used (lime water with linseed oil in equal proportions), Lassar paste or zinc ointment with the addition of dermatol.


There is no primary prevention forprevention of dermatitis. If you are addicted to allergies, you should completely avoid contact with the allergen. Use only metals that are resistant to oxidation (gold, silver, titanium). Enjoy quality, suitable for the skin perfumes and cosmetics.

The most important thing is to comply with the requirements of personalhygiene: clean clothes, daily showering, instant neutralization of irritants that get on the skin. If frequent manifestations of dermatitis should consult a specialist - dermatologist.

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