Valerian officinalis most widelyis used in folk and official medicine. It was used for treatment in ancient Greece. Modern pharmacology produces a variety of preparations based on it, among them tinctures of valerian, extract, teas that perfectly cope with nervous disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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Chemical composition of the plant

The stems and rhizomes of the plant containa huge amount of useful substances. These are polysaccharides, tannins, a multiple list of organic acids - among them apple, formic, acetic, palmitic and others. In addition, valerian contains a unique essential oil, which includes valerianoborneol ether, isovaleric acid, proasulene and other substances.

Useful properties of valerian

This plant has an excellent soothing,sedative, spasmolytic, tonic and choleretic action. Such a drug as valerian extract, can reduce the excitability of the nervous system, affect the increase in secretion of the gastrointestinal tract, relax the smooth muscles and expand the coronary vessels. It is used as the main and auxiliary means for many diseases. Such diseases as hypertension, migraine, tachycardia, epilepsy, relate to diseases in which this medicinal plant is an indispensable tool. Valerian extract has the strongest sedative properties and is indicated for insomnia, hysteria, nervous excitability. Also indispensable is this drug for the health of women in menopause. No less important is the importance of valerian and in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system.

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Preparations from valerian plants

For medicinal purposes, the roots of the plant are harvested,The most favorable time for their collection is the end of summer-early autumn. From valerian water and alcohol infusions, soothing teas are made, it is a part of many medicines. Valerian extract possesses amazing properties. The price of this drug is small, but the efficiency is high. In addition, the grass will be an excellent means for taking baths, such procedures will help to completely relax and restore strength.

Valerian extract contraindications

However, do not forget that it has an extractvalerian contraindications. It is important to observe the correct dosage of the drug, as improper intake and prolonged use lead to permanent drowsiness, reduced efficiency and the appearance of a depressive condition. You should not take the drug uncontrollably in the elderly, especially when there is a threat of a stroke or a heart attack, as well as with chronic enterocolitis, in the first three months of pregnancy and with individual intolerance. In case of nausea, tachycardia, various allergic reactions, lethargy, you should stop taking valerian extract. It is also not recommended to use this tool when driving a car, a job that requires concentration of attention.

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