The penis performs many functions in lifeevery man. This is not only an organ that is necessary for representatives of the stronger sex for the continuation of the genus and the performance of natural functions, it is, above all, the pride of every man. It is for this reason that the penis has long been considered the property of representatives of the strong half of humanity.

For the opposite sex it is the penisis a special indicator that characterizes the sexual qualities of the partner. If they mock him, a man takes this kind of joke, ridicule and talk for insult. All these moments make this topic closed to representatives of modern society. No man will want to talk with a woman, friends and acquaintances about the problems that he has with his "dignity." Perhaps, therefore, most often the diseases with which a strong half refers to doctors are in a progressive state and a neglected form.

Curvature of the penis, or, as is customaryto call a pathology of this type, Peyronie's disease, is a special form of the penis disease of a man, in which he is too much curved in some direction. The normal position of the penis in a state of erection is when the head looks up, and the penis itself resembles a semicircle. As for the situation in which a man has a curvature of the penis, it may be small or, conversely, strongly pronounced. In the first case, no treatment for a representative of the stronger sex is simply not required. This form of the penis does not create any special problems in the life of a person, including in sex.

If there is a strong curvature of the genitalmember, treatment can be selected only with the help of a specialist. Surgery is most often performed. This method doctors are offered to take advantage of if Peyronie's illness causes trouble when communicating with a partner, and during an erection a man feels severe pain. In general, there are currently no conservative-type therapies. It should be noted that the curvature of the penis occurs more often in representatives of the strong half in the age of approximately forty to seventy years. In this period, more than seven percent of all men in the world suffer from this ailment.

Of course, the erection of the disease Peyroniedoes not influence in any way. However, in such a situation, the specific shape and position of the penis creates serious difficulties in carrying out the sexual act itself. The pain that appears during this process, as a result, simply repels all the desire to lead a normal sexual life in a man. For example, according to statistics, almost all people suffering from this disease have serious psychological problems. Stress and experience on this topic lead to the fact that the erection of a man no longer appears. He closes, and in his personal life, the collapse is gradually coming. Wives of such men do not understand what's the matter, they take everything at their own expense. As a result, even the strongest families can collapse. It happens and such that the curvature of a member frightens off a partner. This, in turn, also leads to the emergence of a huge number of complexes in the representative of the stronger sex.

The causes of this phenomenon can be absolutelydifferent. Sometimes the disease can be transmitted from father to son by inheritance. Also, the curvature of the penis appears as a result of any inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system. Constriction of the urethra, microtrauma and much more - this is not the whole list of possible causes of the development of Peyronie's disease.

Regardless of what exactly led toa man must turn to a specialist. At present, it is not difficult to solve this problem. After a special operation, a person will be able to return to his usual lifestyle.

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