Many people ask themselves a perfectly understandable questionwhether the visible veins on the legs are pathologies. What can I do in this case: go to the doctor or try to fight on my own, and maybe even in general? Let's look at it together.

visible veins on the legs

As you know, problems with the veins - it's veryReally. Such a manifestation can lead to varicose veins. If the visible veins on the legs are also swollen, it means that varicose is not only present, but has been developing for a long time. The initial signs of this disease are heaviness in the legs, frequent swelling, fatigue. And although there are no external manifestations in this period, one should already turn to a specialist. After varicose veins can be successfully healed only at the initial stage.

The speed of development of varicose veinscan last a different time - it depends on many factors: heredity, the presence of bad habits, excessive weight and so on. Regardless of whether the process of development takes place for a long time or quickly, a critical moment will come anyway, so it is so important to stop the development of the disease in the early stages.

strongly visible veins on the legs

With that, why veins on legs are visible, we have understood. And what is dangerous varicose veins? We will not say that it is ugly, inconvenient and so on. Varicose veins cause more deplorable consequences, for example, the formation of thrombi, which are able to detach from the vessel wall and lead to clogging of the artery in the lung. Of course, this is the most extreme case, but even if the thrombus is free to move around the vessels, it is fraught with inflammatory processes, accompanied by cramps, swelling and severe pain.

The reasons why the veins on the legs are strongly visible,have not yet been fully explored. The appearance of the venous network is explained today by the fact that the venous valves do not function well, and this leads to the accumulation of blood clots on the walls of the vessels. If the skin has pale veins or veins located too close to the surface, such meshes are not uncommon. And they can appear in any place, even on the skin of the face.

Visible veins on the legs are a consequence of suchreasons, such as sedentary work and sedentary lifestyle, old age, strenuous physical activity in a vertical position for a long period of time, liver disease, pregnancy and hormonal disorders, bad habits and poor heredity.

why the veins on the legs are visible

The phlebologist deals with the treatment of varicose veins. The methods of treatment depend on the severity of the disease and other factors that the examiner finds out by the specialist. For today it can be both out-patient treatment, both surgical intervention and a medicamentous method. Self-medication in this case will not bring any relief, although it is possible to try non-traditional methods, for example, hirudotherapy. Visible veins on the legs, which are treated with leeches, are eventually rehabilitated, so this method can be called effective.

Preventative measures are the maximum of movement(best sport), elimination of problems with the digestive tract and inclusion in the diet of a large amount of plant food, the choice of comfortable hosiery products and shoes on a low heel, as well as a planned visit to the doctor.

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