Caring for the baby is very important and responsibleA process that requires constant monitoring by the parents. Therefore, the desire to relax, which periodically arises in nursing mothers, is sufficiently justified. It would seem that it can be terrible if you drink a little alcohol? In this article we will answer a very actual question for modern parents about whether a lactating mother can drink beer.

Is it possible to breastfeed my mother beer

Anyway, beer is alcoholicdrink, in connection with which its use during pregnancy and lactation is extremely undesirable. However, if you look at the other side, this product contains a lot of nutrients, including vitamin B. Given this factor, can you breast-feed your mother beer? No, this does not justify his reception during lactation, because this drink contains such a dangerous substance as ethanol. And the acetaldehydes, methanol and other harmful components that make up the beer are unlikely to benefit not only the baby, but also the mother herself.

It should also be noted that the immature organismcrumbs is not capable of secreting special enzymes aimed at splitting alcohol, so it is extremely difficult for him to resist alcohol intoxication. When a nursing mother drinks a little beer, then her body instantly starts

Non-alcoholic beer nursing mom
spread alcohol, and already through some kind of10-15 minutes of ethanol will appear in breast milk. Thus, the question: "Is it possible to breast feed to my mother?" - the answer will be extremely negative. But if the woman decides to drink a little alcohol, then it is necessary to feed the baby or to express the breast milk immediately before this process. So, before the next feeding, ethanol can completely disappear from the body.

There are times when a nursing motherliterally unrestrained desire to drink at least a couple of sips of beer. This can be explained by a lack of vitamin B in the body. In such a case, it is possible to recommend non-alcoholic beer to a nursing mother, which contains a minimum amount of ethanol, a variety of additives and preservatives. It should be limited to two or three sips, the maximum dose should not exceed 0.5 liters. And, as already mentioned, you need to feed the crumb immediately before using this intoxicating drink, because small amounts of alcohol are weathered from the body in three to four hours. Proceeding from this, the conclusion suggests that nevertheless nursing beer can be non-alcoholic beer, but only occasionally and in small quantities.

Lactating mum can be non-alcoholic beer

In conclusion, it should be emphasized that during the periodactive breastfeeding - up to 6-7 months old baby - use any kind of alcohol is highly undesirable. When the child gets a little stronger and grows up, you can pamper yourself with a few sips of a drink from time to time, but this should not happen more than once a week. If the desire to drink beer arises in a breastfeeding woman too often, it is better to seek advice from a nutritionist - he will give a detailed answer to the question of whether it is possible for a nursing mother to drink beer and prescribe a complex of vitamins capable of replenishing the missing substances in the body.

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