Such a phenomenon in our modern society asfemale alcoholism, some people are only surprised. But statistics argue that over the past few years, the number of women who abuse alcohol has grown very much, and their number continues to increase rapidly every year. What is the reason for such a strong addiction to alcohol in the female sex and how to cure female alcoholism?

Lucky for those who did not come face to face with suchan unpleasant phenomenon, as an alcoholic woman. All that can be expected in the future is a complete loss of respect among the people around her, and, in the end, and loved ones, the divorce and collapse of family life, and then binge, constant companies and fleeting relationships that could result in unwanted pregnancy . And how can a healthy baby be born to such a dissolute mother? Not to mention the possibility of contracting infectious diseases, dirty hair, perpetually swollen face and slovenly clothes. For an alcoholic woman, taking care of the family, children, and appearance is a secondary concern, the main issue that worries her is "where to have a drink?".

Especially dangerous is female alcoholism, which began inadolescence. Both a man and a woman have a personality for a lifetime, but it is during the period from ten to twelve to eighteen or twenty years that the main personality foundation is laid and the character developed. It is here that the most negative and rapid consequences of frequent alcohol intake are possible. Girls, as more subtle natures, much more quickly degrade physically and mentally than boys, and therefore it is believed that it is impossible to completely cure female alcoholism. The consequences of it, in the first place, are expressed in a serious disruption of the central nervous system and some mental abnormalities. That's why, much more often women become patients in drug addiction and psychiatric clinics. In addition, alcohol intake inevitably leads to a disruption in the work of all internal organs, the development of a variety of diseases and premature death.

Female alcoholism leads to the fact that a womanbegins with hostility to treat their loved ones and, on the contrary, rejoice at the strangers who are close to her in spirit in this situation. Especially from the mother's addiction to alcoholic beverages, children who are left to themselves, who are not well-groomed and completely deprived of maternal caress, care and attention suffer. Most women use low-alcohol drinks daily and do not consider this an addiction. However, in the end it turns out that a low-alcohol cocktail with time starts to play a big role in life and the day comes when it is already impossible to imagine an evening without this drink. Even having understood her dependence, the woman persistently hides her from others, and within three to five years, becomes completely dependent.

Female alcoholism is treated long enough, andif it is at the very last stage, treatment can be generally ineffective. That is why, it is necessary to seek help from specialists at the first signs of its manifestation. The problem is that a woman, often, is simply ashamed to admit to others that she is an alcoholic, and the situation continues to deteriorate every day. If the mother or wife cares about men, the woman is left alone with her problem, struggling with a constant desire to drink, trying to switch to taking care of children and working around the house. There is nervousness, mood swings, constant tension, which will result in a nervous breakdown and another dose of alcohol.

Female alcoholism is not only a problemwomen housewives, but also quite successful business ladies. The causes of its inception can be physical and nervous overload, loss of a loved one, family problems, constant fatigue, self-doubt and much more. If alcohol has become almost a daily "sedative", it is worth seriously thinking. Female alcoholism is curable, and it is easier to do this, the less the degree of dependence on alcohol.

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