lithium carbonate
Means "Sedalit" (or in another way "Lithium"carbonate ") is a normotimic drug that normalizes a person's mental state and does not cause general inhibition.The use of this drug has a pronounced antimanic, sedative and antidepressant effects, while the effect of using the drug" Lithium carbonate "is directly caused by lithium ions that are antagonists ions of sodium and for a relatively short time displacing them from the cells and thus reducing the index of bioelectrical activity of neurons goal In addition, this normotimic agent interacts with the lipids that are formed in the process of inositol metabolism and stimulates the disintegration of biogenic amines, and finally, it substantially increases the susceptibility of the hippocampal neurons to the effect of dopamine and blocks the activity of the so-called inosyl-1-phosphatase. As for the pharmacology of this antidepressant, the time to reach its highest plasma concentrations, as a rule, is six to twelve hours, and the half-life period varies within the limits of 1.3-2.4 days.

lithium carbonate instruction
The normotimic agent "Lithium" is producedcarbonate "in the form of granular powder of white color without a pronounced odor.This substance is virtually insoluble in alcohol and only partially soluble in water.It should be separately noted that currently available for sale can be found tablets with this name.

Take a sedative and antidepressant drug"Lithium carbonate" instruction recommends mainly for the treatment of manic phase of bipolar psychosis, migraine and Meniere's syndrome. In addition, this normotymic agent is indicated to be used during the treatment of aggressiveness in chronic alcoholism. People with a diagnosis of "psychopathy" are also often prescribed a drug "Lithium Carbonate". Its use is shown also in order to prevent exacerbations in manic-depressive psychoses. For the treatment of various kinds of sexual deviations, this sedative is also very suitable. Among other things, it is one of the most optimal means for treating addiction to medications of the psychotropic series.

lithium carbonate application
Use an anti-manic preparation "Lithiumcarbonate "is strictly forbidden in case of detection of a hypersensitivity in the patient, severe forms of disorders in the work of the liver or kidneys.In the established cardiovascular diseases, it is likewise worthwhile to refrain from taking this normotimic remedy.In addition, this antidepressant drug should not be prescribed during the bearing of the child, and also during the feeding of the newborn baby with the breast.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say about possibleadverse reactions that may be triggered by the administration of this sedative. For example, in some patient groups, moderate polyuria, nausea, dry mouth, vomiting and diarrhea can occur. In addition, there is a risk of developing kidney dysfunction, inhibition of hemopoiesis and heart rhythm disturbances. There may be drowsiness, tremor of hands and alopecia.

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