Andrologist who is this
To date, one of the most little-knownprofessions in the masses is the andrologist. Who is this, really know very few. At the same time, representatives of this profession are often very useful.

Very great interest is represented by the sphereThe activity in which each andrologist works. Who is this, knows every man who received help from members of this profession. Thanks to modern technologies, the field of activity of such a specialist has greatly expanded. In the broadest sense, it can be noted that every good andrologist is engaged in the restoration of sexual and reproductive functions in the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Specificity of this work is also in the fact,that not everyone will want to seek help from a specialist. The fact is that men are often considered shameful to come and talk about their problem to a doctor like an andrologist. Whoever invented it first is not known, but because of this misconception and now representatives of the strong half of mankind for years suffer from problems related to their sexual and / or reproductive function, but do not turn to a specialist.

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In fact, you can rarely find a doctor,which deals only with andrology. Representatives of related professions are much more common. This is due to the proximity of the reproductive and urinary systems. For example, today the profession is much more common than a urologist andrologist. This specialist deals with both the treatment of specific urological diseases, such as infectious ailments of the urinary system, and consultation and the appointment of a rational therapeutic regimen to representatives of the strong half of humanity. Often, doctors with a large body of knowledge in one and the other area are able to solve problems that ordinary doctors can not cope with.

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When a man needs andrologist?

Who is this, it is clear from the above. So when should you go to him for help?

First of all, men should turn theirattention to the doctors of this specialty in the case when they have problems in the sexual sphere. It should be noted that in more than half of the cases the cause of impotence lies not in pathological changes in the genital organs and blood vessels that supply them with blood, but in the psyche of the man himself. In this case, the andrologist acts as a psychologist and sexologist. In addition, a doctor of such a specialty can be safely addressed when a man has inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system, for example, orchitis or urethritis. Also the andrologist will be able to give the necessary advice and prescribe a full course of treatment for those patients who for a long time can not conceive a child with their second half.

As you can see, an andrologist is verya complex and necessary profession, which, undoubtedly, is useful for modern society. Thanks to it, many representatives of the strong half of humanity are able to re-feel themselves as men.

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