Signs of bronchitis are chest pains, fever,shortness of breath, cough. Doctors say that without antibiotics it can not be cured. Rather - it is possible, but there will be complications. Is it so? Traditional medicine says that this disease is treated perfectly without serious drugs. Let's find out how to properly treat bronchitis without the use of antibiotics.

What is bronchitis?

how to treat bronchitis
This is an inflammation of the lower respiratory tract, whichswollen, and the lining of the cilia suffer from the fact that they can not do their job - to drive the mucus from the bronchi. It accumulates, forcing the patient to cough to withdraw excess phlegm. When bronchitis is often lability, wheezing, shortness of breath, chills, sweating, fever, loss of strength. Typically, the cause of the disease is a viral or bacterial infection. Less often - an allergy. How to treat allergic bronchitis, in this article we will not consider. Let's figure out what to do with the disease, if you do not want to swallow the pill.

How is bronchitis treated without the use of antibiotics?

how to treat allergic bronchitis
The first thing you need to do is to clear yourrespiratory tract from mucus. To do this, it must be made more liquid, so that it begins to separate from the walls of the bronchi and begins to expectorate. For this you can use inhalations, special breathing exercises and even some foods and dishes. The inhalations consist in inhaling the steam, nothing complicated. You can do this under the shower, but more useful will be procedures using hot water pots. The water is good to add baking soda, pine or eucalyptus essential oil - this will make inhalation more effective. For a more successful procedure, you should lean over the pot, cover yourself with a towel and breathe your open mouth. Be careful in treating children - they may accidentally get burned by steam. It is good to humidify the air in the room - this will not give slimy mucus.

How is a bronchitis treated with a diet?

You should drink more fluids than you dothis usually. It is best to drink warm tea or herbal tea, warmed milk, but alcohol and caffeine are excluded, as they lead to dehydration of the body, which in turn helps to thicken the mucus. How are bronchitis treated with herbal decoctions? It's simple.

how to treat bronchitis
There are several types of nursing fees - theyare sold in pharmacies and have a different composition, so that you can pick up one that suits you. The fees include leaves of mother-and-stepmother, licorice root and althea, thyme, oregano, elecampane, plantain and other herbs. If you want, you can make the collection yourself. For the duration of treatment, include garlic and onions in your daily diet: they have a strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. If you start using onions with honey, then facilitate the departure of phlegm. Honey is an excellent expectorant in itself. How is honey treated with bronchitis? The main rule is not to overdo it. It can be added with a drink, added to the inhalation.

Gymnastics? Yes!

Physical exercises aimed at strengtheningrespiratory activity, will help you in the fight against bronchitis. Do not do something complicated - enough slopes, sit-ups. Remember, intensive loads are not required - you just need to breathe well.

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