To select effective drugs in the fight againstdizziness, it is necessary to correctly diagnose the disease, because of which it appeared. Symptomatology is diverse in character, manifestation, duration and frequency of seizures. Causes that can provoke unpleasant sensations, a lot. Most often they accompany diseases of the inner ear and brain, but there are many others.

Because of what there is a malaise

On various violations in the functioning ofthe body is dizzy. What can be such a symptom, the doctor determines after a thorough examination of the patient. Conservative treatment will be required if there is evidence of discharge from the ear and hearing impairment. These symptoms can in no case be ignored.

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Patients often have other ailments,which accompany dizziness. From what there can be such set of symptoms simultaneously, to define or determine uneasy even to the doctor. Often, vomiting, tinnitus and nausea indicate the development of Meniere's syndrome.

What diseases cause dizziness?

  1. Vestibular neuritis. The symptom arises suddenly. It is accompanied by vomiting. With the rotation of the head and trying to get out of bed, the pain intensifies.
  2. One-sided deafness indicatesperilymphatic fistula. Often, the disease is accompanied by giddiness. From what the manifestation of this symptom can be intensified, the doctor determines after careful examination of the patient.
  3. About a tumor in the brain is shown inFirst of all, dizziness. What can be such an unpleasant ailment, the doctor determines after processing the information obtained after giving the patient tests. A distinctive feature of the disease is a constant increase in the pain syndrome.
  4. Because of a trauma to the head or spine, dizziness occurs, which can be accompanied by vomiting, weakness and nausea.

Why a symptom occurs in women

  • Because of the change in the balance of hormones during menstruation.
  • In the menopause due to pressure changes and high excitability of the nervous system.
  • Before and after childbirth due to oxygen starvation.
  • At nursing mum because of an avitaminosis.

from what can be dizziness in women

The above are the main reasons why dizziness in women can be caused. But this is not all. To determine the diagnosis, it is important to see a doctor and get a check-up.

Causes of dizziness and weakness

When a symptom arises, patients begin to guess, from which there may be dizziness and weakness. Most often, these symptoms indicate the following violations:

  • Miniera syndrome;
  • inflammatory processes in the ears;
  • a brain tumor;
  • poorly developed vestibular apparatus;
  • depletion of the body due to diets.

from what can be dizziness and weakness

A very serious symptom is dizziness. From what this violation can be, one can not say unequivocally without examining the patient's body. You can not delay with treatment. The sooner the disease is diagnosed, the sooner it can be dealt with. Only an experienced doctor will prescribe effective drugs to eliminate the symptoms of a particular disease.

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