Laboratory of the human body - so not withoutthe base is called the liver. After all, it is in this body that glucose accumulates and decomposes, blood proteins are synthesized, in just one minute about 20 million chemical reactions take place there! The liver is the body's main filter that passes through itself the entire flow of substances coming from the intestine. And if this filter is broken, harmful substances freely penetrate into the blood of a person, thereby poisoning his body.

liver disease and their symptoms

The causes of liver disease,symptoms and treatment of pathologies of this organ will be considered further. Experts say different conditions for the development of a disease. Among the most common of these, they include hepatitis viruses, alcohol abuse, fat metabolism disorders and diabetes mellitus. In addition, the liver can have a negative effect of long-term use of certain drugs, as well as long-term exposure to any toxin. All liver diseases and their symptoms should be known to those who are trying to lose weight fast and are engaged in self-diets. After a sharp weight loss - it's stress for the body, to which the liver responds with protection. It begins to accumulate carbohydrates and fats, and this first leads to its obesity, and then to destruction.

If you list liver diseases and their symptoms, thenIt should start with hepatitis, which is divided into chronic, viral and acute. Chronic hepatitis refers to the most common ailments of this body. Symptoms include an increase in both lobes of the liver, in the right upper quadrant it is felt heaviness. The appetite decreases, there is a rapid fatigue, nausea, unstable stools and flatulence. Skin and mucous membranes acquire a moderate yellowing.

liver disease symptoms and treatment

With viral hepatitis, the symptoms repeatchronic type, but there is still an increase in the spleen. In acute hepatitis urine becomes brown, and the stool becomes whitish-brown in color. Also, itching can occur, nosebleeds and heart rhythm disturbances.

What else can be said about liver diseases and theirSymptoms? Undoubtedly, the most dangerous disease of the body is cirrhosis. With it, the liver loses its natural structure, becomes scarred. And this leads to squeezing in the body of blood vessels, healthy tissue and bile ducts. Normal circulation inside the liver is disturbed, it can not as before produce and store hormones, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. As a rule, cirrhosis is a consequence of alcoholism, but quite often it occurs due to hepatitis B and C or infectious diseases. It should be said that even with modern medicine it is difficult to identify the beginning of this ailment. Most often, cirrhosis proceeds imperceptibly until complications appear. It can be pronounced jaundice, bleeding from the stomach and esophagus, impaired consciousness.

what are the symptoms of liver disease

Steatosis, tumors and abscesses - all this tooliver disease, and their symptoms will be considered further. Steatosis is the fatty degeneration of the body, the main symptom is the enlarged liver. Malignant organ tumors usually cause sharp pains in his area, while benign tumors are asymptomatic. Liver abscess is an accumulation of pus in the organic cavities of the body. This disease is caused by viruses and protozoan parasites. Symptoms include soreness, an increase in the body and a fairly long-lasting fever.

Now you know what symptoms areliver disease occurs. But the best, according to experts, is the prevention of the ailments of this body. It is better to give up all bad habits, go for a healthy diet, exercise and often breathe fresh air.

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