Pryshchiki on the penis is a problem of many men. Rashes on the genitals can appear both for reasonably innocuous reasons, and under the influence of very dangerous factors. It should be understood that in some cases, acne is a symptom of a dangerous disease. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a urologist.

Pimples on the penis: the main reasons for their appearance

prickles on the penis

Quite often rashes on the trunk and headPenis may result from neglect of personal hygiene rules. Many men complain of white pimples on the penis, which appear just for this reason. And closer to the scrotum, the rashes are much larger, and towards the head become less and less.

Another common and comparativean innocuous reason is the constant wearing of synthetic underwear, which causes an allergic reaction from the body. It is worth noting that allergies can also appear when using improper soap or other hygiene products.

In addition, the prickles on the penis may beinflamed sebaceous glands. In this case, they are located closer to the base of the genital organ. In itself, this phenomenon is not dangerous and only disinfection is needed here. But if the inflammation appears constantly, it is necessary to address to the expert.

Unfortunately, much more often prickles on a penistestify to more dangerous problems. Sometimes skin lesions appear as a result of a viral infection. For example, the human papilloma virus is accompanied by the appearance of skin growths.

white pimples on the penis

But the red pimples on the head of the sexual organcan be the result of a venereal disease. It is worth remembering that bacterial diseases that are sexually transmitted are usually accompanied not only by rashes, but also by an increase in lymph nodes and an increase in body temperature. In addition, there is swelling of the skin. Eruptions are accompanied by severe burning, itching, and sometimes pain, which only increases during intercourse.

Pimples can be a sign of herpes, especiallyif the rash appeared simultaneously on the skin of the face. The disease is accompanied by burning and itching, pain during urination and sexual intercourse, cracking of the skin.

Sometimes pryshchiki on a member - the result of the activity of a fungal infection. For example, candidiasis (thrush) in men is often associated with the appearance of skin rashes.

Pimples on the penis: treatment methods

red pimples on the head

In any case, a similar problem is necessaryto address to the urologist. As can be seen, the rash has a number of very different causes, which it is almost impossible to determine by yourself. The doctor will carefully examine the affected areas of the skin, get acquainted with the symptoms, prescribe tests and only then can find the right therapy.

Methods of treatment directly depend on the cause. Sometimes, in order for the pimples to disappear, it is enough just to change the soap. In other cases, the intake of antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal agents is required. The doctor can also prescribe special ointments and gels, which act locally, relieve swelling, itching and pain. Sometimes it is necessary to take special medicines that increase the activity of the immune system.

It is worth remembering that if the pimples are caused by an infection, then the partner should go through the examination (sometimes the course of treatment).

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