Morgillon disease has unexplainedvarious symptoms, transmission mechanisms are unknown. Scientists predict in the near future the epidemic of this new disease around the world. Symptoms of the disease resemble footage from horror films - on the body appear non-healing wounds, which gradually increase. Damage to the skin constantly itch and bleed. From wounds begin to break through the fibers of a variety of colors - black, red, brown and blue. The disease of the Morgellons causes a feeling that something is crawling under the skin. Patients complain that even something flies out of the skin, but doctors blame it for hallucinations and mental disorders of patients.

The exact figures of the cases are unknown,presumably their number is about 15 thousand people. Scientists and doctors are not yet able to explain where the Morgellon disease comes from. In addition to fibers emerging from wounds, muscle cramps are observed in the patients, sweat of black color is prominent. Patients complain of chronic fatigue, decreased intelligence and severe depression.

According to one version, the disease of the Morgellonsis caused by genetically modified foods. Scientists believe that at a certain stage in the human body there is a genetic malfunction, which leads to various anomalies. Genetically modified products entered the everyday
the life of modern man, that scientists have not had time to conduct large-scale research.

Professor Randy Wymor from the laboratory of OklahomaFirst conducted a study of fibers taken from the wounds of patients with Morgellon disease. It turned out that most of the fibers are similar to each other, but they are not similar in structure to DNA on any material that is known on Earth. A version appeared that the disease of the Morgellons is a new type of biological weapon,
manipulate the consciousness of mankind.

Presumably the disease is spread with the help of "chemical trays"
- the chemical trace left by unknown planes. Scattered
sensory sensors get water and plants, and then implanted into the body
rights. It is suggested that nanomachines perceive information about the state of a person and can direct collective intelligence. Despite all the improbability of this theory, it is the most reasonable explanation of what is happening. According to research by Vitaly Tsitovsky from the University of New York, the fibers contain germs capable of genetically
transform human, animal and plant cells. Scientists tend to
the view that Morgellon's disease is a nanotechnological epidemic.

It comes to the fact that the sick people are not in thea state of suffering infernal pains, they themselves open their wounds and sores on the skin, from which it is possible to draw living fibers. However, this procedure does not bring relief. People tear their skin and tear their wounds, their condition from this only worsens.

Another version is the presence under the skin of a diseased fungus, the fibers of which are greatly expanded. Among the sick there are people of various professions,
living in different parts of the world. Some scientists are inclined to believe that the disease
Morgellons is the result of the deterioration of the ecological situation on the planet.
The most interesting thing is that many patients have families in which no one
infected. Family members live in the same apartment, eat at a shared table and do not
are infected.

A common opinion about the necessary treatment for doctors is not. They prescribe sedatives, anti-inflammatory and antifungal drugs, and
also immunomodulators. However, after temporary improvement of the condition
again returns. In Europe and the United States, research centers are
study of this mysterious disease. In our country this problem is not yet
is given.

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