The drug "Betadin" is a vaginalsuppressor torpedo shape, homogeneous structure and dark brown coloring, containing two hundred milligrams of active substance (povidone-iodine). In addition to the basic substance, the suppository also includes an auxiliary - macrogol-1000.

Pharmacokinetics of the preparation "Betadin" (suppositories) instructions for use describes as follows.

The iodine contained in the drug is rapidly absorbedthrough the mucous membrane, which leads to an increase in its level in the blood (without negative consequences for a healthy thyroid gland). It is excreted almost completely by the kidneys, and its half-life is about two days.

Pharmacodynamics of the preparation "Betadin" (suppositories)the instruction describes so. The bactericidal effect of this drug is associated with the release of free iodine during the equilibrium reaction. It inactivates and destroys the enzymes and proteins of bacterial cells, entering with them into oxidative reactions. This drug is able to destroy most microorganisms in less than a minute, with most of the damage it does to them in fifteen to thirty seconds. Reacting, iodine loses its color, which indicates the effectiveness of the effect. It is capable of destroying a wide spectrum of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, protozoa, viruses, fungi and spores. These suppositories help to restore the normal vaginal microflora as soon as possible, as well as the disappearance of itching and burning.

Indications for the use of the drug "Betadin"(candles) the instruction on application gives such: an acute and chronic colpitis, nonspecific and mixed infections, fungal infections, genital herpes and so on.

The medication is used to treat the vagina before and after surgery, diagnostic and obstetrical procedures.

For this preparation, the instruction forThe application provides for the following doses and method of application. The drug "Betadin" (vaginal suppositories) is administered as deeply as possible. Before the introduction of a candle, it is recommended to moisten with water to improve the dissolution of the active substance and avoid the occurrence of local irritation. For treatment of acute vaginitis, the drug should be used during the week, one to two times per day, and for chronic and subacute vaginitis - one time per day for two weeks (if necessary, and longer). For the duration of the course of treatment it is recommended to use sanitary napkins. Apply candles "Betadin" with monthly allowed. Suppositories are introduced one deep into the vagina at night before bedtime.

Side effects for the drug "Betadin" (candles)The instruction names the following. Occasionally, allergic manifestations are possible, such as redness, itching, blisters, very rarely anaphylactic reactions. Also sometimes there is hyperthyroidism (in persons who have a predisposition for it). The drug is contraindicated in individuals who are hypersensitive to its components, as well as suffering from hyperthyroidism or other pathologies of the thyroid gland, herpetiform dermatitis of Dühring.

When using the drug in conjunction with drugs containing toluidine and silver, as well as hydrogen peroxide, there is inevitably a mutual decrease in their effectiveness.

Special instructions when conducting courses of treatment with this medication

The use of the drug affects the resultsstudies of the thyroid gland, which makes it impossible to correctly diagnose her pathologies. It is undesirable to allow its long-term use in parallel with lithium preparations. Do not let it get into the eyes. You can not use this medication from the third month of pregnancy until the termination of breastfeeding.

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