Kidneys are our tireless toilers whowork around the clock to ensure that our body was healthy. Any deviation in their work leads to conditions requiring medical intervention. In this case, there may be pain in the lumbar region and in the abdomen, elevated temperature. Kidneys are a universal natural filter that can work flawlessly for many years, unless, of course, it provokes unpleasant situations.

There is a continuous process in them: form, dissolve, and then salt crystals are again formed. From the fact that a person leads a lifestyle, what he drinks water and in general, whether he follows his health, the general condition of his water filter depends. The presence of sand or even kidney stones, most often, speaks of a wrong and unhealthy diet.

The kidney can last a long time in itself alreadyaccumulated sand. While it is very shallow, it is not dangerous, but with insufficient water consumption there is a high probability that stones will appear. To prevent the diseases of such an important human body, it is necessary to carry out purification courses, and for this purpose special herbs for the kidneys are used. They are also called renal. They may have an anti-inflammatory effect or a diuretic, and can combine both effects. The first sign of poor performance of the body are edema: the legs, under the eyes, and generally the entire body. The intraocular pressure may rise, which in time will lead to loss of vision.

Herbs for the kidneys should be properly selected,otherwise they can simply exert an irritating effect and intensify the disease. In this case, there will be no therapeutic or prophylactic effect. These herbs have been known for a long time and there are many of them. Here, for example, some of them: ayr, black elderberry, oregano, St. John's wort. A good effect is also provided by cranberries, nettles, corn, flax, juniper, parsley, wormwood and many others. Do not forget about the watermelon, although it is sweet, but very useful for the urinary system.

Herbal collection for the kidneys is easy to make. On each package you brought from the pharmacy, there is a method of welding, but usually brew it in the evening, and it is infused for 6 hours. Typically, this is a standard 2-3 tablespoons per 0.5 liters of boiling water. Drink infusion for the kidneys must be necessarily warm, three times a day before meals.

Collection of herbs for the kidneys should be carefully selected,because sometimes there is an intolerance of this or that herb. Starting to accept the collection, listen tirelessly to the body's reaction. You should definitely see a positive result from the treatment. For example, taking properly selected herbs for the kidneys 1,5-2 months, you will notice that the swelling completely disappears, and you will forget about the pain in the lower back. If this is the case, then the grass works and is right for you. If the effect is not present or it is reversed, change the herbs for the kidneys.

Especially good cleaning with flaxseedin combination with herbs such as spores, horsetail and a leaf of a birch. Everyone in this herbal mixture has its own individual mission. For example, sporich carefully crushes unwanted stones and sand, flax seed binds slime to its mucus, and horsetail and a birch leaf extract all this due to its diuretic action.

When combined pyelonephritis with kidney stones youwill help such a recipe: currant leaves, strawberries, hop cones, rose hips, juniper fruits, bearberry and cowberry leaves. Take each herb for 5 tablespoons, mix, and the collection of herbs for the kidneys is ready. How to cook a broth? Very simple! It is necessary to take 2-3 tablespoons of grass, fall asleep in a thermos, there also pour two cups of boiling water. This decoction is enough for a day. And yet, do not forget to insist the grass for 40 minutes. Drink medical infusion you need 1 glass in the morning before meals and at night.

Be healthy.

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