So it was in our country that anyfeast accompanied by a considerable amount of alcohol consumed. Reasons to "take on the chest" abound. We are all people, and from time to time we drink alcohol. By and large, if a person knows the measure, nothing bad promises. But how to know the line, after which, depending on alcohol begins? How to help the liver to cope with its responsibilities? After all, many of us have a liver ache after alcohol. And here it is necessary to clearly realize for ourselves that alcohol is a poison that inflicts enormous harm to our body with systematic and underdosed use. Whatever they say about the usefulness of alcohol, it's all relative. After all, alcohol is useful only in cases where its dose does not exceed 60 grams.

It is better to understand immediately that from abusealcohol, there are irreparable changes in the liver. This body fights all toxic substances in the body. If there is a failure in the liver, a person risks his health, and in some cases lives. Were there any festivities and a liver ache after drinking? Of course, you can get up to take pills that help to solve the problem and return to the usual way of life. However, it should be realized that pain in the liver after alcohol is a protective reaction of the body, which warns you of impending danger. In order to realize, you need to understand what alcohol is dangerous for the liver and the body as a whole.

Any kind of alcoholic beverage consists of ethylalcohol. It is nothing but a universal poison, which harms every living cell in the body. With chronic alcoholism, atrophy of stomach cells is observed, which entails disturbances in the process of digestion of food. Alcohol kills a useful microflora of the stomach. All microelements necessary for human health are poorly digested. Sooner or later starts beriberi. The pancreas does not function at full capacity during the systematic use of alcohol. Pancreatitis is formed. It's still flowers. The liver is the shield of our body. Alcohol does tremendous harm to this vital organ. That's why the liver aches after alcohol.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. More than 85% of alcohol is oxidized by the liver to acetaldehyde, which destroys the cells. At the same time, the main liver resources fight alcohol, when the remaining toxic substances are not completely neutralized and damage the cells. With constant processing of alcohol, the liver decreases in size, which leads to squeezing of the vessels and increase of pressure. This threatens the rupture of blood vessels and heavy bleeding, which is very dangerous for human life. The reasons for which the liver hurts after alcohol is not so much.

We describe the main forms of liver damage with alcohol. Abuse of alcohol is the main cause of fatty liver infiltration. In the first stages of the disease, there are practically no symptoms. Later there is a periodic pain in the right hypochondrium. The liver thus increases and becomes a soft consistency.

Alcoholic hepatitis threatens hepaticinsufficiency up to a coma and a lethal outcome. The main symptoms: lack of appetite, nausea, heaviness in the right hypochondrium, weight loss. There may be "jaundice". With timely treatment, everything will be fine.

The most terrible liver disease caused byalcohol abuse is alcoholic cirrhosis. It is this disease that determines the general picture in the country associated with alcohol dependence. Disease in the first stages is manifested by nausea, weakness. With the started form of cirrhosis, a number of complications arise: ascites, swelling, bleeding. The alcoholic form of cirrhosis is much easier to treat. The main condition for recovery is the refusal to drink alcohol.

If you have a permanent liver after alcohol,should take this seriously. It may be necessary to limit yourself to drinking alcohol. After all, health is priceless. There is something to think about!

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