The word "AIDS" is known to every person on earth andimplies a terrible disease, against which there is an uncontrolled drop in the level of lymphocytes in the blood of a person. The condition of the disease is the final phase of development in the body of HIV infection, leading to a lethal end. The first descriptions of the disease fall on the period of the 80s, when doctors around the world were confronted with its manifestations.

AIDS in Russia

Statistics data

Currently, AIDS in Russia is spreadingat a colossal pace. Statistics officially recorded the number of infected. Their number is shocking with their zeros, namely, patients with HIV infection, there are about 1,000,000. These data were voiced by V. Pokrovsky, head of the epidemiology center of the Russian Federation. Statistics say that only on Christmas holidays in 2015 the number of people who received HIV infection corresponds to a figure of 6000. Pokrovsky noted this data as the highest figure for all previous years.

As a rule, the problem of AIDS becomes the mostdiscussed twice a year. The AIDS Center announced the beginning of the winter (December 1) Day of confrontation with the disease. In the first days of May, the Day of Sorrow for the deceased from the "plague of the 20th century" is held. However, the topic of AIDS and HIV infection was affected outside these two days. The UN statement said that the Russian Federation has become the world center for the spread of HIV. Especially frequent cases of the disease are registered in the Irkutsk region. It became the generalized center of the HIV epidemic.

test AIDS

Such information once again confirms the processthe growth of the disease. This was repeatedly stated by V. Pokrovsky, this was also reported by UNAIDS documents. Dmitry Medvedev during the meeting of the commission on health protection confirmed the presence of the sick in the country and an increase in the number of patients by 10% per year. Threatening facts were heard from the mouth of V. Skvortsova, who believes that after about 5 years AIDS in Russia can reach 250%. These facts speak of an all-embracing epidemic.

Percentage of cases

Carrying out the discussion of the problem, V. Pokrovsky argues that sexual intercourse is a typical way of infecting women. The fact is that AIDS in Russia is recorded in more than 2% of the male population aged 23 to 40 years. Of them:

  • with the use of drugs - about 53%;
  • sexual contact - about 43%;
  • homosexual relations - about 1.5%;
  • children born to mothers with HIV infection - 2.5%.

The statistics are truly shocking with their indicators.

AIDS Center

Causes of AIDS leadership

Experts note two main indicators of the deterioration of the situation in this area.

  • AIDS in Russia is spreading so fastThe pace is due to the lack of programs to combat it. The matter is that in the period of 2000-2004 the RF received support to overcome this problem from the international fund. After the recognition of the Russian Federation as a country with high incomes, international grants were suspended, and domestic subsidies from the country's budget became insufficient to overcome the disease.
  • Disease is promoted by such seven-milesteps in the use of drugs through the use of injections. The AIDS Center confirmed that about 54% of the citizens received the disease "through a syringe."

The statistical data shock the massiveness of the disease. The risk of becoming infected with HIV is increasing every year. Also, the number of deaths of this disease has increased.

died of AIDS in Russia

From the words of V. Pokrovsky, people who died of AIDS, in Russia are estimated at 205,000 people. This figure covers only the surveyed segments of the population. This includes patients who are already registered as having received the infection. According to experts, to this number should be added potentially hidden HIV carriers who do not receive treatment and do not stand on the account of the doctor. In total, the figure can reach 1 500 000 people.

The most problematic area of ​​AIDS

AIDS statistics in Russia show how muchscale is the problem. At the moment, the most critical situation is the one covering the Irkutsk region. The head doctor of the region to combat the disease noted that almost every 2 people out of a hundred have a HIV test. This corresponds to 1.5% of the total population of the region.

Three incidents of four occur by way ofsexual contact between people under 40 years of age. When clarifying the circumstances, it often turns out that the infected person did not even suspect that he became the carrier of the infection and needed intensive treatment.

In the report of V. Pokrovsky sounded the phrase: "If 1% of women bearing a fetus are found to have HIV according to the results of a blood test, then epidemiologists have the right to attribute the disease to a generalized epidemic." This was confirmed by the doctors of the Irkutsk region, due to the absence of a specialized center and negligence in the region to the problem of the governor of the region.

AIDS statistics in Russia

Along with the Irkutsk region, a difficult situation is noted in 19 regions. These include the areas:

  • Samara;
  • Sverdlovsk;
  • Kemerovo;
  • Ulyanovsk;
  • Tyumen;
  • Perm Territory;
  • Leningradskaya;
  • Chelyabinsk;
  • Orenburg;
  • Tomskaya;
  • Altai region;
  • Murmansk;
  • Novosibirsk;
  • Omsk;
  • Ivanovskaya;
  • Tverskaya;
  • Kurgan;
  • Khanty-Mansiysk District.

The first place in the black list is occupied by the Sverdlovsk and Irkutsk regions, followed by Perm, followed by the Khanty-Mansiysk District, and the Kemerovo Region lists.

Leadership of the regions is far from pleasing. In these areas, you can pass an anonymous test at any medical institution.

AIDS: the cost of treatment

If anonymous delivery of tests in mostof cases is free, then the treatment itself will require significant investments. The price policy of pharmacological companies in the field of antiretroviral therapy in our country is quite tough. Thus, when comparing prices, it can be noted that treatment in the African countries is $ 100, in India it will be between $ 250 and $ 300, but in Russia you should pay about $ 2,000 for it. Such a sum is unaffordable for many residents of the country.

Statistical data indicate that for the pastyear, only slightly more than 30% of the sick population were able to receive antiretroviral assistance. The reason for this fact is the inflated prices established by the suppliers of medicines.

If it turned out that the partner is HIV-infected,you must urgently take the test. AIDS is a dangerous, fatal disease, so that delay in the examination can end badly for the patient.

AIDS in Russia

Interesting Facts

  1. For the first time about the disease people of the planet learned only three decades ago.
  2. The most insidious is the HIV strain 1.
  3. In comparison with the original virus, HIV today has become more adapted and rigid.
  4. In the 80's, the disease sounded like a death sentence.
  5. The first case of infection was fixed by doctors in the Congo.
  6. Many experts are of the opinion that it was the secondary use of syringes that led to such a rapid spread of the disease.
  7. The first person who discovered the list of those who contracted and died of AIDS was a teenager from Missouri. This happened in 1969.
  8. In America they consider the first distributor of the disease of homosexual Steward Dugas, who died of HIV in 1984.
  9. A list of famous people of the world who died from the virus can be read with tears in their eyes. The disease claimed the lives of Arthur Ashe, Freddie Mercury, Isaac Asimov, Magic Johnson and many others.
  10. Blatant is the case of Nushon Williams, who, knowing about his infection, specifically infected his partners, for which he received a prison term.
  11. Do not despair if the diagnosis was made"HIV", our immune system is able to resist the disease. So, out of 300 people the body alone cope with the disease. So, our body includes a gene that can protect us from the virus, and we can hope that soon a terrible diagnosis will not mean a death sentence.
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