The twentieth century turned out to be richall sorts of fundamental discoveries, including in medicine. Thus, the two most important discoveries - penicillin and blood groups - occurred precisely in the first half of the twentieth century. Why are these discoveries so important? Yes, because they have become powerful leaps in the development of medicine and saved many lives.

The second blood type

Blood groups were first discovered by the empiricalby the scientist Landsteiner. On the basis of his and further research, a single AVO system was created, which is still in use. In fact, the blood group reflects certain characteristics of erythrocytes, or rather the presence or absence of antigens in the membranes of these cells.

As a result of numerous studies,It is established that the most common group is the first (0): it has 45% of the population of our planet. And among Europeans the second blood group prevails. The maximum number of its carriers is fixed in Norway.

There is a theory about the origin of groups. According to this theory, the second group of blood evolutionarily arose about 20 thousand years BC, when mankind passed to agriculture. This fact has largely affected the type and nature of these people. In Japan, much attention is paid to the characteristics of people by blood groups. Up to the point that hiring and even acquaintance with the purpose of creating a family are carried out on this basis.

The second blood group, Rh positive

The second group of blood gives people certain characteristics, they:

  • sociable, sensitive, shy, reliable, disciplined;
  • predisposed to alcoholism and gluttony;
  • good family man and faithful friends;
  • bad leaders

The Rh factor plays an important role. He can easily provoke Rh-conflict in the mother and fetus, if the mother and father have different Rh factors.

In accordance with these indicators, they even creatediet. So, the second positive blood group obliges its owner to exclude from the diet products such as milk, potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, tangerines, black tea and some others. It is recommended to use sour-milk products and do yoga.

The second positive blood group
There is also compatibility across blood groups. It is not psychological, but exclusively medical compatibility. More precisely, the couple's ability to have a healthy offspring. Thus, the second blood group (Rh positive) of the father is fundamentally incompatible with the blood of the mother of the first group with a negative rhesus, because during pregnancy there will be a double conflict between the mother and the fetus: the rhesus conflict and the blood group conflict. In such a situation, the probability of the birth of a child with hemolytic disease or miscarriage at any time is high.

In addition to medical compatibility, developedthe concept of psychological and sexual compatibility. So, a woman and a man, if both partners have a second blood group, will form an ideal pair in all respects.

Lists are also drawn up most frequentlyoccurring diseases. If you have a second blood group, you should beware of diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, allergic diseases (up to asthma), oncology.

However, do not take for granted and somethingthe inevitable all of the above. As was pointed out, most of this information is only a hypothesis, not a reliable fact. Only information of a medical nature is unambiguously reliable. Everything else should be treated as an astrological forecast: if it suits you, believe, if not, then no. You are the master of your life!

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