There are modern scientists who are serious aboutbelieve that all the stories about vampires have a scientific basis. They could arise under the influence of such a rare disease as Günter's disease or "skin porphyria." Such a disease spoils the blood, creating violations in the reproduction of gemma. It is believed that Gunther's disease was most common in small villages of Transylvania. There it arose because of closely related links.

Experts say that if it were not for thisdisease, there would never have been any stories and myths about vampires, Dracula and other heroes with fangs. Almost for all the symptoms, the patient, who has already heavily started the Günther disease - a typical vampire from the movies.

Find the cause of this problem, andOnly the 20th century could describe the disease. Prior to this, a real battle with vampires was conducted: from 1520 to 1630 only in France were executed more than 30 thousand people, who were considered vampires. The deeper Christianity penetrated into the country, the more ruthlessly they treated people who were overcome by late skin porphyria.

From this rare form of genetic pathologysuffers only one person by 200 thousand. At the same time, if one of the parents suffers such a problem, then we can talk about 25% of the confidence that the child will also develop a Günther disease.

It is believed that such a disease is the result of incest. The medicine describes approximately 80 cases of acute porphyria, when it was impossible to cure it. Günter's disease is characterized by the fact that the body does not produce the main components of the blood - red blood cells. And this is already reflected in the lack of iron and oxygen in the blood.

In tissues and blood there is a violation of pigmentexchange and because of the effects of sunlight begins to break down hemoglobin. In addition, in this process, the tendons deform, which in some cases leads to the twisting of the fingers.

Günter's disease is characterized by the fact that gemm(non-protein part of hemoglobin) is transformed into a toxic substance, capable of corroding the subcutaneous tissue. Because of this, the skin becomes brown in color, thins and bursts after the sun's rays have affected it. For this reason, after a while, the skin is completely covered with sores and scars. In addition, these inflammations damage the ears and nose, severely deforming them.

Imagine a man with twisted fingersand the face covered with ulcers ... The truth is frightening? Such patients are simply contraindicated in sunlight, because it brings them great suffering. The skin around the gums and lips tightens and dries. Because of this, the incisors are exposed to the gums, creating a terrible vampire grin.

Another symptom of this disease: Porphyrin is deposited on the teeth, for this reason they can acquire a red or reddish-brown color. The patient is very pale skin. During the daytime, they feel the strongest lethargy and decay, the energy returns only at night. It is worth noting that all this set of symptoms is characteristic only for the late stage of the disease. There are other, much less terrible forms of porphyria.

Until the second half of the 20th century, Günter's diseasewas considered almost incurable. There is evidence that in the Middle Ages, to facilitate the patient's condition, he was given fresh blood replenishing the lack of blood cells. Naturally, this did not yield any results, because it is impossible to improve the blood condition by simply drinking its portion.

Patients with porphyria could not eatgarlic, because the acid that is released by this vegetable, increases the damage resulting from the disease. The disease of porphyria can be induced artificially by using certain poisons and chemical preparations.

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