When a girl from an ugly duckling turns into athe swan? Remember how often it happens, at first she was awkward, she was teased at school, and then the transformation began. And by the end of high school the girl becomes a real princess. Why is this happening? And "guilt" of everything, (although it's not a fault, but rather a merit) is puberty among girls.

Parents should know that it does not happen suddenly in a year or two. According to experts, puberty girls are stretched for a period of 8-10 years and ends constantly.

The first period is 7-8 years. No, the puberty of girls in the first period is not visible to the eye, and the trigger mechanisms begin to work gradually. Changes occur rather not externally, but inside. The uterus starts to grow, the ovaries, but until the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics, of course, it is still far away.

In this period, the psychologicaltransformation, rather than physical. The main thing is to prepare the girl for her future role - the role of the feminine lady, and, possibly, the mother of the family. Of course, such training is not done with tedious lectures on sexual development and the role of women in society. It is important to do this through a game, that is, in a game form. Read the girl's fairy tales and let her fantasize, associate herself with the princess, or encourage her interest in the life of mom, for example, choosing clothes, shoes, cosmetics. Girls can also buy cosmetics. But, of course, a special nursery. Something like the "Little Fairy" with vitaminized lip gloss. That is, it is necessary to introduce into the girl's consciousness the signs of gender roles.

The next period characterizing the sexualthe maturation of girls, begins at the age of 10 years. More precisely from this age and lasts up to 12-13 years. This is the time of slow, but nevertheless, changes in appearance. The mammary glands start to increase a little. Even if it looks like just a slight swelling, which is almost invisible to the eye, but it is present. The labia grows, the hormonal background changes. But the pubic hair and armpits do not appear. But the sexual maturation of girls in this period is closely related to growth. Unevenly and disproportionately grow bones. Moreover, the speed of this process is different. In the first place, the limbs and bones of the face grow and only then the trunk. What happens because of this? The girl looks like an angular, awkward doll, figuratively speaking. Hence the expression about the ugly duckling. In addition, the skin becomes oily due to changes in the hormonal background. The skin does not grow as fast as the limbs, therefore, to reduce the likelihood of skin cracks and stretch marks, the sebaceous glands are actively starting to work, they make it fatty. On the one hand - it's a blessing, as everything is thought out by nature, but here it is not a purely aesthetically pleasing look. In such cases, it is better to treat the skin with special creams and lotions for teenage skin, and do not wash with soap and water.

Note that the sexual development of children -boys and girls - is uneven. Girls are faster in growth, and boys are still undersized. But this is temporary. By the end of the school, both boys and girls are leveled, but if the girls after that do not practically grow, then the boys continue this process. Therefore, men are higher than women, and if you compare graduates in 3-5 years, the difference in growth will already be obvious.

And the third stage, which characterizes pubertygirls - the period from 13 to 17 years. It is at this time that the first months come, the breast grows actively, there are pubic hair and in the armpits. In fact, during this period the formation of the girl is completed and it turns into a swan. It is believed that by the age of 18 she reached puberty and is ready to continue the genus. Therefore, marriages are allowed from this age.

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