Before you start to argue, what is theis the benefit of kefir and what are its main characteristics, it is worth going into the history of this drink. He appeared in the North Caucasus, where he prepared according to a secret recipe, which was not disclosed under any circumstances, so the guests who visited there, could only enjoy it and wonder what the secret is. Now we know that the reason for the appearance of such a wonderful drink is the work of lactic acid bacteria, fermenting milk. In addition to the recipe for kefir, there are many recipes for dishes, where it acts as the main ingredient. For example, okroshka, soups, cocktails, salads, fritters, pancakes and pies.

Most benefit of kefir is felt whenviolations of the intestinal microflora, in another way, with dysbiosis. In this disease, it becomes the main auxiliary and medicinal product. Dysbacteriosis can be of different nature and can be caused by various factors, including the use of antibiotics or other medications that are harmful to all microorganisms, and not only to pathogens. When reconstructing the microflora, it is necessary to use probiotic cultures that help the intestine to restore beneficial microorganisms. In this sense, it is especially good to use biokefir, which is distinguished by a large content of various lactic acid bacteria. There are some more products based on it.

Benefits of kefir and its calorie content

Depending on the fat content of the product,Caloric content can be 30-50 kilocalories per 100 grams. The degree of fat content of this drink can be different. This is the reason for its caloric content. It happens 1%, 2.5%, 3.2% and fat-free. But in any case, this product will be dietary, since it contains special lactic acid bacteria. The benefit of kefir allows you to include it even in the strictest dietary diet, which is designed to get rid of excess weight. There are special diets consisting of this drink, vegetables and fruits. To help the body cleanse itself of toxins and toxins, it is necessary to consume this drink every day, this will make it feel light and healthy.

Kefir, the benefit and harm of which interests everyone,eliminates pathogens, helping to prevent intestinal infections and increasing immunity. For medical purposes, it is prescribed by physicians to those who need to regain strength after surgery or illness, as well as with weakening of the body, nervous overstrain and chronic fatigue.

For those people who need calcium, but notcarry milk, its use can become a real salvation. An adult is much more useful to use dairy products than whole milk. And the use of kefir allows you to get even a decongestant effect, that is, an excess liquid will be removed from the body. Of course, like any product, it has certain contraindications to use. Children should not be given this food in their meals before eight months, as they are not adapted to the organism of this age by chemical composition. If you use it in significant quantities, it can also be harmful, sometimes because of this, there are malfunctions in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

The benefits of kefir for the night is also the subject ofinterest for many people. One can speak about such a quality if the person needs to restore the intestinal microflora as a result of a strong dysbacteriosis, then it must be consumed throughout the day in equal portions, and before bedtime, too.

It becomes clear that the use of such a product in moderate quantities is necessary for every person.

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