The blood group is a kind of human identifier. Blood is the internal environment of the body, which has a relatively constant composition and provides normal life activity.

The blood group is inherited and is a set ofspecific substances, that is, group antigens. Scientists have identified four blood groups. Separation occurs depending on the presence of substances with protein nature in red blood cells. These substances are variants of one gene (A and B):

1. 0 (I)

2. A (II)

3. B (III)

4. AB (IV)

The inheritance of the blood group is based on a multiple principle. The possibilities of manifestation of a particular gene are equal to each other.

0 (I) or "Hunter".

This group is the oldest, appearedabout forty thousand years ago. In those days, people were nomads. Hunting was the main source of food. We were also engaged in gathering. People lived today, not thinking about the future. Immunity was very strong. The first is the most common blood type. About half of all humanity is endowed with it.

People with the first blood group are given a strong character. They are also characterized by determination and self-confidence. They do not sit still, they are very emotional and excitable. They do not tolerate criticism. They strive to be leaders in everything.

Men are skilled lovers, seeking to win unruly and obstinate women. Women are very active sexually and jealously.

Such people should moderate their narcissism and arrogance, and also stop rushing things. Otherwise, you can remain completely alone.

A (II) or "Farmer".

Within the limits of 25 000 - 15 000 years BC. there was a need for agriculture. The way of life of people has changed, becoming settled, which led to incest between the separate tribes. At that time, a second blood group appeared. In our time it flows in the veins of one-third of the world's population.

Such people are able to communicate easily and make acquaintances, easily adapt to the new situation. Often stubborn and do not know how to relax. Poorly endure unpleasant news, quarrels and quarrels.

Men are characterized by shyness andromanticism. They prefer women older than their age, because they love to be taken care of. Women are also characterized by shyness. They become excellent wives.

People with a second blood group are not advised to strive for leadership and leadership positions.

B (III) or "Nomad".

It appeared about 10,000 years ago as a consequence of the merger of numerous tribes. It reflects the desire of nature to balance the increased mental activity and the demands of the immune system.

The people of this group (about 10-20%) are very curious and eager for adventure. Comfort and boredom is not for them. They strive for independence, asceticism and justice.

Men with a third blood group are excellentseduce women, beautifully courting them. Women are characterized by extravagance. Behind strict independence lies a delicate female soul, capable of truly loving and being faithful. But on such women are afraid to marry.

Such people should be allowed to enter their ownterritory to others, otherwise they risk remaining in complete solitude, complaining about the lack of understanding and the lack of friends. Excessive independence can only complicate the relationship.

AB (IV) or "Riddle".

The confusion of the Indo-European and Mongoloid races led to the appearance of the fourth blood group, which took place about a thousand years ago.

It is believed that it is this rare blood groupwas possessed by Jesus Christ. But this is a controversial issue. Only five percent of the population can boast of such a blood group. These people have a soft and gentle temper, always help by deed or word. They have spirituality and multifaceted character.

Men are very intelligent and extraordinary, besides, very active in sexual terms. Women do not lag behind them in sex, having an incredible appeal.

People who have a fourth group are rather indecisive. It is worth a little work on yourself to get rid of this shortcoming, so that self-esteem will also increase.

Often people ask themselves: "What is the best blood type?" It's impossible to answer unequivocally. For someone who values ​​individuality, it is probably the fourth. And for someone who got on the operating table and needs a blood transfusion, then, naturally, the first. But most of us, for sure, consider their group the best.

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