Epidemic parotitis, or "mumps" isViral disease, the main symptom of which is the inflammation of the salivary glands. Children and teenagers aged 5-15 years are more often ill, but the appearance of infection in an adult is not excluded. Mumps in adults is rare, but accompanied by serious complications.

This disease can occur in a "calmform, "if your body's immune system is OK. Otherwise, the pig does not pass without a trace. During and after the illness complications may occur. In order to prevent this unpleasant ailment, prevention is necessary. To protect the body from the disease will help vaccine.

The causes of the appearance of mumps:

The main way of infection is airborne. A person is a carrier a couple of days before he has signs of illness, and 9 days after the onset of the disease. The most dangerous period for infection with mumps is from the third to the fifth. After the virus enters the human body, it begins to rapidly develop and affect almost all glands - salivary, genital, thyroid and pancreas.

Mumps: symptoms in adults

The disease is developing rapidly andacute form. Body temperature reaches 40 ° C, there is pain near the ear, especially during eating and chewing, and salivation also increases. The first symptom, which immediately shows that it is a mumps, is a swollen throat or swelling near the auricle. This place is very painful. In addition, the temperature rises and lasts for several days. With such a disease, as the mumps appeared, the symptoms in adults will be almost the same as in children.

Consequences and complications of mumps:

Parotitis causes complications in the sex glands andpancreas. Although inflammation of other glands of the body is possible. In rare cases, there is damage to the nervous system, which appears in the form of diseases such as meningitis and encephalitis. If the mumps gives complications to the pancreas, pancreatitis develops. The patient begins to have a pain in his stomach, vomiting, lack of appetite and broken stool. If such symptoms are noticeable, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Parotitis affects the sex glands in boys andgirls. They have a different kind of mumps: if the boys immediately understand what kind of illness (testicles, testicles, high temperature, the skin around the testicles change), the girls' symptoms are not so obvious, and it will be a little more difficult to determine the mumps.

Pig - a disease in adults

If an adult has an infection, the main task now is to prevent development of complications (testicular atrophy in men, menstrual cycle in women).

Notes for the patient

With such an unpleasant and dangerous disease asmumps (mumps) symptoms in adults will be similar to those in children: inflammation of salivary glands, fever and others. A special danger is the mumps for the male half. The most dangerous period of the disease is the time when the boys have sexual maturation. Just at this moment they are most vulnerable. Remember: no home remedy. Treatment should be done only by a doctor. Drugs are prescribed only by a specialist, after examining the patient.

What does the doctor do in this case?

First, after being diagnoseddoctor, treatment begins. Secondly, the doctor will monitor the course of the disease in order to avoid complications. After it turns out that the patient has a mumps, the symptoms in adults (both in women and men) will be slightly similar, but treatment will be assigned individually to everyone.

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