The medicine "Lyoton" (gel, instructions forwhich application is always attached to this drug) is an anticoagulant drug of direct action intended for topical use. His nonproprietary international name is sodium heparin. From the materials of this article, you will learn about what components are part of the drug, what is its cost and what is the need for the drug "Lyoton" (gel). Instructions for using this tool will also be described in detail.

lyoton gel user's manual

Pharmacological properties

The presented medicine preventsformation of thrombi, suppresses the activity of enzymes such as hyaluronidase, and also activates the fibrinolytic properties of human blood. With external use, the "Lyoton" -gel (instructions for use will be presented below) has a local anti-edematous, antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the drug significantly improves blood microcirculation, and also activates tissue metabolism, resulting in accelerated the process of resorption of any hematoma.

Medication "Lyoton" (gel): composition of the drug and indications for use

In 100 grams of this remedy is contained120,000 mg, carbomer 940-1250 mg, propyl parahydroxybenzoate 30 mg, lavender oil 50 mg, 96% ethyl alcohol 30 ml, non-sal oil 50 mg, triethanolamine 850 mg.

lyoton gel instruction price

This tool is used when:

  • diseases of superficial veins;
  • chronic venous insufficiency, as well as associated with any complications (for example, such as periphlebitis or thrombophlebitis);
  • blunt injuries and bruises of soft tissues;
  • varicose veins;
  • subcutaneous hematomas;
  • localized infiltration;
  • swelling of soft tissues.

The cost of the presented funds for 30 g varies within the limits of 250-300 Russian rubles. Also you can buy tubes of 50 and 100 g.

The drug "Lyoton" (gel): instructions for use

For external use, this medicationsqueezed from the tube in a column 4-10 centimeters long (depending on the size of the affected area), and then evenly applied to the skin with light massaging movements. It is recommended to carry out such procedures 1 to 3 times a day.

Lyton gel composition

It should be specially noted that the agent presentedsometimes used for rectal administration (for example, with thrombosis of hemorrhoids). To do this, the drug "Lyoton" (gel) is applied to a cotton swab, or rather, it is completely impregnated, and then inserted into the anus or placed on the swollen outer veins. As a rule, the treatment lasts about 3-5 days, after which the patient begins to feel considerable relief.

The drug "Lyoton" -gel (instruction, price werepresented above) is slightly absorbed into the blood, so the likelihood of an overdose with this medication is excluded. Its interaction with other drugs is not described. In case of acute need, the ointment can be used during the child's bearing and during lactation.

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