Alcoholism is a serious problem with whichfaces not so few people. Immediately, we stress that not only the patient himself suffers, but all his relatives as well. Alcoholism, the symptoms of which we consider, ruins families, breaks down lives, takes away health. Yes, it really is not some kind of weakness, which you can fight with the help of willpower, but something more serious.

Alcoholism: Symptoms

People start to drink alcohol in different waysreasons: someone does not want to stand out against the background of everyone else, someone can not survive any trouble, and someone drinks simply from boredom. How fast can a person sleep? Practice shows that in certain cases alcoholism occurs very quickly. It should be noted that it develops most rapidly in adolescents and women.

Alcoholism, the symptoms of which are numerous,is a disease that destroys all the internal organs of man, as well as his nervous system. Anyone who abuses alcohol can die from various diseases.
For each of us, alcohol affects differently. Yes, some people can use it all their lives in reasonable quantities without getting used to it, and others only need a few months to develop alcoholism. Let's not forget that alcoholics, as a rule, deny that they can not stop drinking. They are sincerely convinced that they can pull themselves together when they want.

Alcoholism, the symptoms of which are not always noticeable,most often identify the relatives of the patient. The measures are taken on time - there is a hope that everything will very soon come to a normal state. It is believed that female alcoholism, the symptoms of which are similar to the symptoms of the male, is incurable, as well as adolescent. Is it true? Here you can not give an unambiguous answer. One has only to say that there is hope in any case.

The disease in question can be determined bylong drunkenness, which usually lasts for weeks. During drinking-bouts, a person loses interest in life and can not think of anything other than a regular dose of alcohol.

Alcoholics are always tormented by a very strong hangover. It is much more unpleasant than that of other people. The patient can not control the amount drunk and therefore drinks without measure. It is also worth noting that these people in most cases with alcohol consumption there is no gag reflex.

The zero stage of alcoholism is ordinaryhousehold drunkenness. Here a person can regularly drink alcohol, but do not get drunk to lose feelings. This stage can last long enough.

Alcoholism, the symptoms of which we are considering,is dangerous already in the first stage. Here, the sensitivity of the body to alcohol is greatly increased. Why? Yes, because it is on it is addictive. There is a development of tolerance to alcohol, which means that the patient will have to use larger doses to satisfy his needs than before.

The gag reflex disappears already on her. A person can start drinking not only in the company, but also all alone. Alcoholic drinks beckon him and become objects of obsessions that can be very strong. Even the lightest stress can lead to prolonged drinking. A person begins to gradually lose interest in everyone around him, including family members.

In the second stage it increases sharplytolerance to alcohol. Doses by which patients satisfy their "thirst" can be really great. In a state of alcoholic intoxication, the patient loses touch with reality and behaves quite unpredictably.

At the third stage, mental disorders become noticeable, and the body begins to die, as the condition of the internal organs becomes critical.
Note that today among the youth is very common beer alcoholism. Symptoms of it, first of all, are connected with excessive enthusiasm for this drink.

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