Every person sometimes has differentmalaise. We get tired, frustrated and nervous. A similar state with us is also experienced by our intestines. A few pieces of indigestible food are enough for him to start a riot.

If you have general discomfort, sensationoverflow in the stomach, the formation of gases and bloating, the causes can be very different. Sometimes it can be intolerance to milk sugar or lactose after taking dairy products for food. With the age of the enzyme, which contributes to their digestion, the body becomes less and less. That leads to the formation of gases, and the consequence is often the heaviness and swelling of the intestine. The causes can also be found in some foods that are difficult to digest. These are yeast, honey, barley, oats, cabbage, fruits, seeds, nuts and beans. After their use, after a while, one can expect the accumulation of gases in the intestine.

It also happens that such a phenomenon becomesconsequence of any food allergy. Then the main symptoms will add a runny nose and a rash. Irritant beverages or food cause a strong reaction in the nerve endings. This leads to the development of muscle spasms in the large intestine. Its contents cease to move, stagnate, which leads to constipation and a powerful compaction of fecal masses. The result is a strong stretching of the walls and bloating of the intestine. The causes can be found in too fast a process of eating, which leads to swallowing large pieces, and with them air.

All these reasons can be called temporaryphenomena that can be easily eliminated with the help of several time-tested tips. After a meal, be sure to stroll, move and play sports to strengthen peristalsis and remove the accumulation of gases in the intestine. Use some decoction instead of tea. For them, buy dill, chamomile and mint. The daily diet should contain the necessary amount of dietary fiber. Extreme excitation and dehydration are caused by pickles, smoking, chocolate, tea and coffee. Reduce their number to a minimum. While eating, try not to rush, take a few minutes for a quiet dinner and a thorough chewing. This will help to spend the whole day in a good mood, preventing bloating.

Causes should be sought in some moreserious diseases, if problems with gas formation and severity in the intestine occur continuously. Perhaps it is cholelithiasis, appendicitis, obstruction of the urinary tract or intestines, and ulcers. It is especially dangerous if, in addition to bloating, a person feels pain. In the absence of any problems with food and the presence of persistent swelling for three days or more, you should immediately consult a doctor. In some cases, it may be a tumor of the intestine or its polyps.

Symptoms depend on the number and size of the polyps. Most often there is an intestinal obstruction. The surface of polyps is covered with ulcers, long bleeding occurs. There may be both benign and malignant tumors of the intestine. Symptoms in many cases do not manifest until the narrowing of the intestinal lumen occurs. This will lead to difficulty in the passage of contents, stagnation and swelling.

To prevent such a state, alwayssupport the immune system is normal. Never take uncontrolled drugs, especially antibiotics, which have the most harmful effect on the positive intestinal microflora. Regularly visit the toilet and empty the bowels. Carefully follow this process to avoid stagnation. Do not get carried away with laxatives. It is addictive, and soon without it you can not go to the bathroom at all. In addition, the dose increases with each time, and the mucous irritates. Do not hesitate to visit a specialist. The sooner you begin to examine and treat this problem, the easier it will be to get rid of it.

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