For many today, varicose veins, orsimply varicose veins, is a real prospect and a threat. The spread of this disease among the population is like an epidemic. Possessing gender differences, every day it more and more concerns the male, and its initial stage - the so-called varicose veil - is familiar to almost every woman. The reasons for its development and formation are simple only at first glance, however they require constant attention.

How to treat varicose veins

Preventing and preventing the disease here,as always, come out on top. And yet it is worthwhile to understand why so often a person can not prevent the development of this disease. The thing is that, faced with the problem of varicose veins, to move along the path to recovery should be simultaneously in several directions: strengthening the inner walls of blood vessels, increasing their elasticity and reducing the formation of blood clots in the blood. Much depends on human nutrition - the balance of the diet and the presence in it of nutrients, the amount of fluid consumed, as well as from metabolic processes and the healthy functioning of all body systems as a whole.

So, how to treat varicose veins?

For these purposes, modern medicine offers several methods:

1. Surgical treatment of the disease, its extreme degree of development, implying the removal of painful sections of veins and the implantation of artificial substitutes in their place. This operation allows you to restore blood circulation and prevent tissue necrosis. Before treating varicose veins on the legs with such a cardinal method, do not forget that this is an extreme remedy. Removal of varicose veins for cosmetic purposes is not done, because the risk of aesthetically unattractive appearance of the operated site is very high. After such an operation, various complications are expected and predictable. Probably problem healing and further deformation.

Varicose veins in men

2. Health-improving practices, including exposure to specific problem areas of the body, can stop varicose veins in men and women or slow it down, eliminate visual manifestations of the disease.

3. The effect of heat should be minimized. The main instrument of influence on the cellular structure of tissues, creating microscopic, insensible spasms should be the contrast of normal body and cold temperatures. Maintenance and recovery of the tone of specific areas must be combined with a similar effect on the entire body.

4. How to treat varicose on the legs, if the massage effect, which is prescribed in the treatment of varicose veins, is excluded in the instructions for the use of special ointments, is contraindicated and categorically prohibited in the case of vein deformity? Effective here is the effect of medical leeches.

5. The preventive effect on internal organs and glands will be actual and accessible and harmless phytopreparations. However, before using them, professional advice of a specialist is necessary. It should be remembered that regeneration is possible only up to a certain point, and not to miss it is very important. And having missed, it is necessary to understand that to keep a painful site in a condition of absence of progress of pathological processes as long as possible is simply necessary. It is possible, it will help to eliminate the need for surgical intervention.

6. In recent years, the treatment is gaining popularity with the help of laser-, magneto-, presso- and electropulse therapy.

Varicosity pictures

Varicose, the photo of which shows all hisunattractiveness, is a disease closely related to the person's uprightness, spine problems and forced long-term fixation of the body in one position, imperceptible initially by overstrain and overloads. Rational exercise is one of the means of preventing and treating a disease.

However, before treating varicose veins on your own, be sure to consult a specialist. Only he can appoint an adequate treatment.

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