Any discomfort that has appeared in our body,can not be ignored. Unfortunately, with the appearance of some symptoms, we are not in a hurry to consult a doctor, hoping that the disease will pass by itself. However, signs may indicate such serious diseases as esophagitis, gastritis and even stomach cancer. For example, it hurts the stomach and makes you sick. What to do? In this case, you should immediately seek help from a doctor. If there is no such possibility, then it is necessary to know, at what diseases such symptomatology appears.

Gastric Diseases

The stomach hurts and vomits what to do or make

If discomfort, pain occurs regularly afterfood intake or on an empty stomach, then the ailment is most likely associated with the stomach. More can be said, guided by additional symptoms. So, the stomach hurts and it makes you sick. What to do? Try to differentiate the disease. If in addition there is heartburn, then the problem may be hidden in increased gastric acidity. If there is a burp with the smell of rotten eggs, then discomfort can arise due to reduced acidity. In the event that pain and nausea appear about an hour after eating, then it is necessary to be examined for the presence of a pyloric canal ulcer or, for example, a duodenum. If

Than to treat a stomach
the described signs are not related to food intake, then problems can affect organs such as the liver, pancreas or gallbladder.

Other reasons

If the stomach also hurts and vomits, when a personmoves his head or rises from the prone position, then, most likely, the problems are caused by a viral infection of the inner ear or other disease affecting the vestibular apparatus.

The stomach hurts and it makes me sick: what else can I do?

Independently to remove painful sensations it is possibleonly in the event that there is a certainty that they do not signal a dangerous disease that requires urgent surgery. If there is fever, blood pressure is increased, anterior

Stomach treatment
The wall of the peritoneum is tense, and the stomach andtoshnit, what to do? Immediately call a doctor. If the situation is not so serious, then to eliminate pain, you can use an antacid. This medicine envelops the walls of the digestive tract, which allows you to remove irritation, and also to neutralize excess hydrochloric acid, which contributes to the appearance of pain. Than to treat a stomach? With the above described functions will cope with such drugs as "Maalox" or "Fosfalugel". These funds have already proven themselves from the positive side in the treatment of diseases of the stomach. If the symptoms mentioned above are accompanied by heartburn and belching, and the stomach is very sore, then stronger means are needed to influence the stomach. Treatment in this case is using the drug "Rennie" or another drug that reduces the production of gastric juice. To remove spasms, "No-shpa" can come up.

In conclusion, I want to say that if it hurts more than one day, you need to immediately seek medical advice from a doctor.

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