Very often there is bloating after eating. This phenomenon is a violation in the work of the body, which is accompanied by raspiranie stomach, the appearance of cuts and cramping pains, weight in the abdomen, etc.

The main causes of the swellingstomach after eating, are getting quite a large amount of gas and air swallowing food or liquids, the use of human food, which forms gases, lactase deficiency, digestive diseases, intestinal dysbiosis and intestinal dysmotility, a variety of mechanical obstacles that are formed in the walls of the intestines and other factors.

It is for this reason that it is not recommendedtalk while eating, since the incoming amount of air aggravates the situation. Various carbonated drinks containing carbon dioxide in the body lead to a feeling of bursting in the stomach and bloating after eating. In the elderly, because of a decrease in the production of the enzyme necessary for the normal digestion of lactose, a systematic bloating can also occur. With many diseases of the digestive system, less useful enzymes are produced, as a result of which food is not processed at certain times, the process of decay and fermentation of food remains begins.

To diagnose bloating after eating,you need to closely monitor the health and the body as a whole. The most frequent symptoms of bloating are belching, heartburn, and other unpleasant symptoms. As a rule, an experienced specialist can, with the help of simple studies, accurately determine the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment. To determine the disease, a detailed ultrasound examination (mainly of the abdominal cavity organs), gastroscopy, colonoscopy, take a blood test, stool analysis and use other methods of examination of the human body.

Bloating after eating becomesa common phenomenon during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the pancreas is not able to produce the same amount of enzymes, and many types of food are worse absorbed at this stage by a woman.

The next case, in which a swelling arises,is an operation intervention. Therefore, after carrying out laparoscopic operations, there are unpleasant sensations in the chest, abdomen, which is due to the effect of the introduced gas used during the operation. In this case, you must follow a diet, give up carbonated drinks with the addition of dyes, from chewing gum and foods that enhance the process of fermentation in the intestine. The specialist appoints enzyme preparations that activate the pancreas.

Also, bloating may appear after sex,since during the act through the genitals a sufficiently large volume of air enters the abdominal cavity, which leads to various unpleasant consequences. As a rule, the symptoms go away by themselves (without special treatment) in a small amount of time.

There are folk remedies against bloating:
- Dandelion roots (chop a couple of teaspoons of roots, insist in a glass of water and use 50-60 ml 3-4 times daily before meals);
- Fruit of parsley (20 g pour a glass of water, take a few tablespoons inward 4-5 times throughout the day);
- seeds of dill (1 tablespoon fill with 1.5 glasses of hot water, let it brew for about 30-40 minutes, strain through a fine sieve or gauze and drink half a cup three times a day);
- wormwood (a couple of teaspoons of dried herbs pour a glass of boiling water, daily take inside on a tablespoon 3 times about half an hour before eating);
- seeds of carrots (chop the seeds and take on a teaspoon three times during the day);
- roots of elecampane (25 g of grass roots pour a liter of hot water and take it when unpleasant symptoms appear).

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