In this article, a specifica drug that can be replaced by an analogue in any given case. So, the drug, which will be considered in this article, is Metrogil. The analogue of this medication is presented here, and not one, but several. They will be described in more detail.

Medical prescription of the drug

This drug is available in different versions- tablets and cream. The medicine itself is used to treat acne, with ulcers, pressure sores and other diseases. Its effectiveness has already been confirmed by a large number of patients. Fast action and low price are the main positive qualities of this medicine.

metrogyl analog
On the Internet, the cost of such a drug beginsfrom twenty-five rubles. But in pharmacies the price for such a medicine will be more - one hundred and eight rubles. But even this price in our difficult times is pretty good.

By purchasing this tool, inside the box you canto meet the medication itself and detailed instructions on the use of this interesting drug. "Metrogil" can be used by adults and the youngest children even up to twelve years. Apply gel externally twice per day. The course of this treatment is ten days. As for the tablets, they are also used twice a day. But the duration of the entire course is already prescribed by the doctor himself. This is all about which you can briefly talk about the means of "Metrogil". Analogs of this drug are the main topic of the article. Next, we will talk about the substitutes in tablets.

Metrogyl: analogues in tablets

Quite a lot of drugs are sold in pharmacies,which could well replace Metrogil. In this part of the article, analogues in tablets will be carefully considered. So, what are the substitutes for this medication?

Tablets "Trichopol"

This drug, in comparison with Metrogil,has a smaller price. In most pharmacies, this medicine costs ninety-one rubles. The price is quite acceptable. In addition, this product is also available in completely different forms. In addition to tablets, manufacturers offer buyers a solution for intravenous administration, as well as vaginal tablets.

How to apply "Trichopol"

How to use this medicine? To do this, refer to the instructions for use. Tablets can be consumed after or during meals. They are washed down with a lot of water. If the dose is equal to two hundred milligrams, then the tablets should be drunk twice a day for ten days. If the dose is equal to four hundred milligrams, then the rate is reduced to eight days.

Children can also take this medication calmly. The course of taking the drug "Trichopolum" in children is ten days. It is forbidden to accept "Trichopol" for children who have not yet reached the age of two.

metrogyl analog cheap
It is forbidden to use this medicine for women who have a gestation period of up to thirteen weeks.

So, this is the first drug that can replace "Metrogil". The analog is cheap and suitable for any age.

The drug "Metronidazole"

The form of the solution for internal administration hasa preparation "Metrogil". The analogue considered in this part of the article is also issued in the form of a solution. "Metronidazole" - a remedy whose appearance on the market of drugs ended in great success. And not only for its quality, but also for its versatility in terms of produced forms. This is a tablet, solution, gel, cream. Another positive point is the low price and fast effect of this drug. But how to take this remedy? About this - below.

metrogyl analogues in tablets
This remedy is often used either during meals or after eating. A tablet should be thoroughly washed down with plenty of water.

As for the solution, it is administered intravenouslyusing a normal dropper. Speaking about the duration of treatment, it must be said that the duration of the course, as well as the frequency of taking the drug a day, is prescribed by the doctor. Therefore, without examining the doctor, without his recommendations, you can not use this medication, although it is sold without a prescription.

The cream is applied externally. Before applying it, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the face or other part of the body. Then wait for about fifteen or twenty minutes and only then apply the cream on the clean surface of the skin. The course of treatment is on average three or four months. Any changes can be made only by the attending physician.

The drug "Clion"

Another analogue in the form of tablets is Metrogil. This analogue can be purchased absolutely in any pharmacy, having paid only a little more than sixty rubles for it. And the name of this analogue is "Klion". Many people have probably heard the name of this medicine more than once. Television and radio are touting this means. What is this tool?

Metrogyl analogues ointment
It starts with the fact that the producers of thisthe drug is released "Clion" in two forms - tablets and solution. Tablets, as already mentioned above, are cheap, but the solution will cost the buyer a hundred rubles. As the manufacturer promises, the effect of this drug will not take long to wait.

With regard to taking this medicine, then on thisone can say the following. "Clion" is used either during the reception of food, or immediately after eating. The duration of the entire course depends on the disease that the patient has. Basically the rate is ten or five days. The only thing that can be added: the children this drug is prescribed only after two years.

Metrogyl analogues instruction manual
The solution is administered intravenously, using a conventional dropper. The dose of the drug is calculated solely from the patient's body weight.

Before using, always consult your doctor. After all, it is he who will prescribe exactly the right dose of the drug "Clion", which is exactly necessary for the patient.

This is all that can be told about this medicine. It is not inferior to the drug "Metrogil". Perhaps in some moments even wins. But to buy this tool or not, to solve, certainly, to the buyer.

The drug "Metroksan"

A large number of drugs can replaceMetrogil. Analogues, the replacement of which by the original means is quite possible, are not inferior to their competitor in even the most diverse forms. One of these forms is a solution for internal administration. This drug is good because, due to the fact that it is injected inside, the effect of it is manifested much more quickly than from tablets. Therefore, we can say that this drug wins from Metrogil. Firstly, the tablets do not always have a positive effect on the stomach, and secondly, we repeat again, the action from the injections is much faster. But what is better - pills or injections, the patient himself decides.

The only negative of this drug is the price. "Metroksan" is more expensive than not only Metrogila, but also its other counterparts. This factor may well scare future buyers of this tool. But again the result that it gives is worth it.

Analogs in the form of ointments

In addition to analogs in the form of tablets, there areanalogs in the form of ointments. They are also quite often used by patients. One of these analogues is the ointment "Rosamet". Against what is this ointment? Many drugs exist on the market of medicines that fight against acne, one of these drugs is Metrogil. Analogues from acne are also actively sold in pharmacy chains. And just Rosamet is one of them. After a short introduction, you can get to know this drug a little closer.

Instructions for use "Rosamet"

This drug is only available in one form(we recall that in this article we are considering what "Metrogil" analogs have) - ointment. It is applied externally. Twice a day - that's how you use this tool. The course of treatment can last two or even three whole months, it all depends on how much acne has spread. The instructions also say that before using it is necessary to check for the presence of an allergy to this medication. This is done quite easily. A small amount of ointment should be applied either to your wrist, or to the elbow bend. Then wait about ten minutes. If there is no redness, no itching, then this drug can be safely taken. It is released without a doctor's prescription, but it is still worth consulting with a specialist.

metrogyl analogs from acne
The price for such a drug starts from one hundred and fifty rubles. As for the feedback on this tool, they are basically all positive. The rash lasts two or even three weeks.

As you can see, the substitutes also have "Metrogil-gel". Analogues are cheap, easy to use and no less effective than Metrogil.

The drug "Trichosept"

Another drug that can be safelyreplace "Metrogil", - these are the candles "Trichosept". This option is suitable for those who do not like injections, who does not like to swallow tablets. The exact price of this drug on the Internet is not indicated. This product is only available in one form. Therefore, do not try to find this drug in the form of tablets or ointments.

metrogyl gel analogs cheap
Inside the box, as usual, you can findinstruction on the use of this good drug and the medicine itself. Important! This medicine can only be used by women, since it is introduced into the vagina. This procedure should be conducted no more than once a day. The duration of this drug is ten days.

The drug "Trichosept" enjoys absolute popularity. Reviews about him are often positive, but very few. Inflammation is removed in two days.

That's all that can be said about this wonderful drug. Buy it or not, it's up to the buyers.

The result

The result on this topic can be done this way. Here the "Metrogil" preparation was described in detail. Analogues, instructions for use are also not left without attention. To say all that has been said, the following is possible. This drug can be easily replaced by various analogues. They are no worse in terms of efficiency. Yes, and the price is mostly won. Of course, if the patient decides to replace this drug with another, then before this it is necessary to come to a consultation with your doctor. After all, there is a possibility that the medicine, which the buyer decided to replace "Metrogil", can adversely affect the body, cause deterioration or other side effects.

In the end, to replace the drug or not, the buyer should decide. The most important thing is not to harm yourself and your precious health.

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