In our time, prisoners can even become prisoners.innocent person. It is for this reason that absolutely everyone should know how to behave in prison. Life in the zone is a serious test, which is far from being possible for everyone. As a rule, former prisoners have a lot of diseases, including mental ones. In this article, you can find out how to survive in the zone.

Period of settling in the camera. Features of behavior

It is believed that the most difficult test forThe prisoner is an acquaintance with the convicts. In the zone, such a stage is called a "residence permit". In this article, you will be able to find out not only how to survive in prison, but also how to get to know convicts so that the term of imprisonment does not turn into a string of serious trials.

It is important to know how to behave when meeting withconvicted persons. In each prison, the "propiska" passes absolutely differently. As a rule, a beginner is asked questions with a thought. It is for this reason that you need to be careful not to say anything superfluous. In no case do not behave aggressively towards other convicts, even if you are an athlete and are confident in their abilities. This is not accidental, because in prison everyone lives "according to the concepts", and any rash word in the direction of local authority can turn into a series of tests.

At the entrance to the camera do not rush, go slow andmeasured step. It is necessary to greet everyone and get to know each other. It is worth paying attention to the fact that at the first meeting with the convicts, in no case should you stretch out your hand for a handshake. This is not accidental, because in prisons there are such categories of citizens with whom they do not greet so much.

Recommendations that are described in our articlewill allow you to figure out how to survive in prison. Thanks to them, if you are convicted, you can quickly adapt to the zone and maximize your physical and mental health.

life on the zone

Features of communication in prison

Very few people know, but in prison there arerules of communication between convicts. If the newcomer does not comply with them, then he risks falling into the cast of socially unadapted. As a rule, criminal authorities do not perceive such convicts and are humiliated daily. First of all, you need to remember a few features.

Do not speak in prison at allwords of thanks and offended. It is also forbidden to use profanity. This is not accidental, because you can accidentally offend a person respected in prison and thus lower your authority. It is also worth noting that in the zone all convicts use slang language. It is for this reason that the beginner will be difficult at first to understand what his cellmates are talking about.

If you are on your own or someone else's fault hit the zone, then we strongly recommend that you follow the prison rules. Thanks to this you can gain credibility.

how to survive in prison

Prison tattoos

It's not a secret that often convicts are stuffed intohis body tattoos. Very few people know, but each figure has a separate meaning. Prison tattoos allow you to learn more about the views on the life of a convicted person. Their detailed explanation can be found in our article.

Often, prisoners can be seen on the arma tattoo of five points. As a rule, it is stuffed at the base of the thumb. Such a tattoo is a kind of symbol that indicates that the person was in prison.

prison tattoos

The most popular prison tattoos are epaulettes. As a rule, such a pattern is on the shoulders. It can symbolize that its owner completely denies any power. Often such convicts do not obey the inspectors for surveillance and arrange a riot.

In prison you can meet prisonerswith a rather peculiar tattoo, namely, a dot above the eyebrow. This symbol indicates that its owner belongs to a group of socially unadapted. As a rule, in the territory of the zone they are subjected to constant violence and humiliation.

General information on prison concepts

If you do not want your life on the zoneturned into a string of humiliations and trials, then you need to honor the local rules. It's no secret that convicts in prison establish their own laws. Their features you can find out in our article. We strongly recommend that you study them.

Thieves' concepts and their observance will allow youtake a worthy place in the prison hierarchy. Very few people know, but all the convicts belong to one or another caste. In general, all prisoners can be divided into bespredelschikov, authorities, socially unadapted and average. The most important place in the prison hierarchy is occupied by authorities, but socially unadapted prisoners are constantly subjected to humiliation and violence. It is worth noting that not all newly arrived convicts know that thieves' concepts forbid eating food from the transfer themselves. The prisoner must necessarily share food in order to avoid conflict situations in the future.

It should be noted that in the prisonIt is impossible to discuss sexual topics. This is not accidental, because convicts who live by the concepts, aggressively react to certain types of sexual contact. Any rash word can turn into a bad reputation.

Prison jargon

As we said earlier, there is a language lingo on the territory of places of detention. In this article you can find out the meaning of some words and phrases.

On the territory of the prison you can often hearword combination. It has several meanings. First of all, such a phrase is used when referring to the inspectors of supervision and protection. Thus, convicts demonstrate their respect for the administration. As we said earlier, the phrase "citizen chief" is used in different variations. Often, this is not only addressed to the administration, but also to prison authorities.

prison regulations

In the territory of the zone, a convict may be offeredchifir. Very few people know, but this is a strong tea, which includes a large amount of brewing. As a rule, it is drunk by prisoners who do not want to go to bed.

It is worth noting that in prison you can not steal. On the zone, such people are called rats. As a rule, such prisoners are subjected to constant violence and humiliation.

Tattooing in prison. Past and Reality

Not everyone can sustain life on the zone. The reality is shocking. In fact, in the colonies there is unsanitary conditions and lawlessness. As we said earlier, almost every prisoner has a tattoo on his body. Is this procedure safe in prison? This and much more you can find out with our article.

In Soviet times, to make a tattoo in the conditions of the zonewas extremely dangerous. Inks were used as ink or soot. Instead of a needle, which, by the way, is a prohibited object, staples were used from notebooks. Today, more professional tools are used. Due to unsanitary conditions, which is present during the process of drawing pictures on the body, prisoners are at risk of getting serious infectious diseases.

thieves' code

Prohibited items

Life in the zone is a serious test forprisoner. In order not to conflict with the administration, it is necessary to know the rules of conduct in prison. In this article, you can find out which items should in no case be available to the prisoner.

Inspectors for supervision are mandatoryconfiscate prohibited items from convicts. They include drugs, phones, alcohol and weapons. In the event that a prisoner has found a prohibited object, he is placed in a punishment cell for an indefinite period. After that, life on the zone for the offender turns into a series of tests.

Prison articles

Most convicts work in the territoryzone. Almost in every prison there is a huge variety of production machines. Thanks to them convicts can not only work, but also receive for this salary. As a rule, prisoners sew uniforms, create forged and wooden products. Those convicts who can draw well, are engaged in paintings and icons. Later, handmade items are sent for export. They are in great demand. This is not an accident, because the price of a finished product is quite low, but its quality will appeal to even the most demanding buyer.

Prisoners of the thieves' caste

Among convicts there is that category of people whopreviously formed various criminal groups. As a rule, they have a thievish code in the prison. You can find out its features in our article.

"Thieves in law" observe special rules. In their environment, there are necessarily advisers who help to understand important issues. In addition, they have a common cash fund, which absolutely every convict, who belongs to the thieves' caste, should replenish. They are not allowed to steal and help the police. Very few people know, but "thieves in law" can not marry. This is regarded as assistance to state bodies. It is worth noting that "thieves in the law" is forbidden to take revenge on their offenders and use profanity. For any non-compliance with the code, the prisoner may be punished by other caste representatives.

criminal authorities

Prison time

Experienced prisoners like to scoff atnewcomers. To do this, they use a variety of ways. Only the arriving convict may be asked to move the table or bench. Very few people know, but all the furniture in the prison is densely nailed to the floor.

A peculiar way is invented and a nickname for a new prisoner. As a rule, convicts at night time knock on the next cell, call the article and ask to come up with a new name for the beginner.

Conditions for prisoners

Very few people know, but in the prisonall conditions for comfortable living of prisoners. It is worth noting that the convict can get a secondary education in the zone. As we said earlier, those who wish can work in the prison and get paid for it. By the way, the money earned will be issued when the term of imprisonment ends. In the prison there is also a small church where convicts can pray.

Types of prisons

Among the inspectors and the prisoners themselves there isa certain classification of prisons. The black zone is unlimited. Convicts who are on its territory freely use mobile phones and can even afford drugs and alcohol. As a rule, sooner or later all the employees of such a prison become convicted.

Another species is the red zone. On its territory prisoners are completely under the control of inspectors. Quite often in such prisons riots happen. Convicts protest against the administration. They arrange hunger strikes, runaways and refuse to work. As a rule, such riots are quickly eliminated. The convicts, who made a protest, are punished and placed in an isolation ward. Often, violators are also added time.

criminal authorities

Summing up

If you are on your own or someone else's fault got a prisonterm, then you must first of all be reserved for patience and endurance. As we said earlier, the main thing is not to say too much and not behave aggressively towards others. We strongly recommend that you do not commit unlawful acts. Appreciate your life and take care of yourself!

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