Any parent worries about his child -this is absolutely normal. But instead of plagued by panic unrest, it is necessary to learn in a timely manner, together with the baby, the safety rules for children. Such training will help in many cases to reduce the likelihood of a real accident that may harm your child's health.

What threatens the child?

safety rules for children in school
Safety rules for children can besystematize into many special sections. It is most convenient to remember the norms of behavior for the house, school or kindergarten, the street. Do not forget about safety on the road or in crowded places. There are seasonal safety rules, for example, in the winter it is not necessary to go out on the ice of the reservoir, and in the summer to bathe without adult supervision. If you find it difficult to remember everything that you can do, and what you can not, you can purchase a safety brochure or a bright poster. But still the most important truths you should regularly repeat to the child from infancy. And do not rely on an educational institution, it is important that the child himself knows how to behave in this or that situation.

Basic safety rules for children

We all live in troubled times. For this reason it is important to teach the baby to limit contacts with strangers. Teach your child not to communicate with strangers on the street and not agree to take gifts. Explain that even if the stranger is a friend of the parents, you can not enter into dialogue with him. It is advisable to give the child contacts of a relative or close friend of the family for communication in emergency situations, provided that he can not reach his parents. Explain to your son or daughter that in the event that an unknown person sticks in the street, you need to seek help from a policeman or any passer-by. Keep in mind that women of middle age often react most acutely to the problems of others.

children's safety rules on the street

Safety rules for children should includeyourself also behavior on the road. Teach your child to use overground and underground transitions. If the road needs to go directly, remind each time that you need to monitor the traffic lights, and each time to see if the cars are going to the prohibitory signal.

Safety at home

If the rules for the safety of children on the street and inroads are practically understandable, what should the children be warned about at home? Teach your child to use simple electrical appliances, such as a TV, microwave and refrigerator. Explain that you can not touch: the oven, heating system, sensitive electronics. Keep fire-hazardous substances and drugs in an inaccessible place and do not forget to remind the baby that these are not toys.

safety rules for children

Safety rules for children should include anda guide for action for emergencies. Tell us how to deal with a lighted electrical appliance, and remind that you should urgently call your parents if the apartment smells of gas without reason.

Do not forget about the safety ruleschildren in school. The child should know that you can not touch other people's things thrown unattended, and you need to tell the teacher about such a finding. If one of the classmates brought something dangerous and forbidden to class, it is also necessary to notify the teacher.

This list of simple standards of behavior can becontinue long enough. The most important thing for parents is not to spare time for communication and classes with their children and to regularly hold home conversations about safety and correct behavior.

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