In the criminal reports of modern RussiaUlyanovsk rattles throughout the country. Quite a significant number of organized criminal groups, the leaders that stood out at the end of the last century, and the distribution of spheres of influence - it would seem that everything here is the same as in the nineties. Throughout Russia it has now become much safer and easier. But no, the Ulyanovsk OPG and in 2017 exist, still at the head of the public life corner of a large provincial city.



First of all, about the term. Bandit organizations (groups) are associations that mainly deal with illegal actions. Similar groups can be relatively stable. They have common tasks, working methods and rules. Bandits act together, they usually have peculiar skills, the right connections and cars for mobility. All this allows the communities to strengthen and expand their borders.

OPG Ulyanovsk in this respect are a typical example of representatives of Russian criminals.


In recent years, gangs began to leadthemselves "more modest", but they did not disappear anywhere from Ulyanovsk. OPG Ulyanovsk is a characteristic feature of the city. There are literally at every corner there are characteristic inscriptions and drawings, and in the evenings there are crowded gatherings of teenagers. The words "Sands are busy" or "SD" to simple Ulyanovsk residents will not say anything. But people understand very much about "understanding people".

Zones of influence

It is difficult to deal with zones of influence to those who have absolutely no contacts with people who are part of groupings. Filatov OPG (Ulyanovsk), Orel and so on are dispersed throughout the city.

Ulyanovsk 2017

How many precisely exists nowgroupings, no one will say. The figures in modern authors range from one and a half to almost two and a half. People who have an idea of ​​the current situation, note that there is practically no classical dismemberment of territories (with rare exceptions).

Although, of course, and in Ulyanovsk conditional distribution still exists. Thus, Ulyanovsk's organized criminal groups are trying to minimize the causes of internal strife between "their own".

So, it is assumed that on the left bankThere are five bandit formations that live peacefully enough on a common territory. There are no clear spheres of influence. The same situation in the center and other areas of the city.

The strength of the OPG

Opportunities for OPG are different. The densely populated Railway District "stores" several gangs. At the same time, the Ulyanovsk OPG "Center-KamAZ" has the biggest influence on this territory. So it has traditionally happened. OPG Orlovsky (Ulyanovsk) and its units are carrying out another tactic. The group is dispersed throughout the city. They play a large role in the Railway and Leninsky districts. Over the river. Sviyaga one of the strongest groups in the city of Ulyanovsk became Vyrypayev. In the Trans-Volga region, the Filatovskaya group plays a major role, named after the name of the leader of the Filatov group. Volchkovskaya OPG in Ulyanovsk is also not the last.

A bit of history

In the nineties there was an active distributionboundaries of influence. With some exceptions, all the Ulyanovsk OPGs that still exist in modern Russia appeared within the framework of the last two decades of the twentieth century.

The Ulyanovsk center

Mainly the meetings took place in sportshalls, or speaking in a popular way, rocking chairs. The most famous leaders of the Ulyanovsk OPG were determined at that time. Similar places were known among adolescents, and strong bands were always necessary for bandit groups. Among adolescents with such sentiments began to form criminal groups. Some of the future bandits found themselves in criminal associations through friends. The place in a certain grouping was usually determined by the area of ​​residence.

The structure of groupings is not complicated: there is a ringleader, ordinary members of the brigades, distributed according to age criteria. If you use simple terms, then there are older bandits, medium and younger. This dispersal in the OPG Vyrypaevskih (Ulyanovsk) and other groups.

Now in the city there are rumors that the banditsbecomes younger: many minors have become. However, in some sources it is indicated that this is misinformation, since this situation has always been preserved. In any group, there were teenagers under 16 years old, as they "enrolled" them in a gang at the age of ten with a small age.

Discipline and interests

A typical OPG is quite strictdiscipline, for example, the use of drugs, even lungs, is forbidden. In groups there are punishments. They can vary greatly - except for blows to the head.

However, do not idealize what is happeningwithin groupings. Nobody abolished the nature of gangster associations. In any case, these are youth groups that operate by illegal methods. And the results of such influences should be clear to any sensible person.

Particularly it is possible to designate musical tastes of membersgroupings: they choose chanson in general and Michael Krug in particular. The main part of gangs is systematically engaged in sports to maintain physical fitness.


The bulk of gangster associations Ulyanovsk has its own place of deployment. Strangers can not go through special zones. But sometimes, when there is a threat of clashes or guests become too hostile, a ban on movement is imposed and all outsiders are invited to leave.

Filatovskiy Opg Ulyanovsk

Places of assembly quite often change. For example, the Komissarov OPG in Ulyanovsk holds meetings near the school or near sports clubs. Meetings usually take place at the end of the day. Their regularity reaches three times a week. On "gatherings" must be all members of the gangster community. Violating discipline or systematically absent will be punished. Also, girls are not allowed to attend meetings.


Usually the OPG unites from a hundred and fifty to two hundredmembers. The general structure is possessed by all gangster communities of the city of Ulyanovsk. The list of "posts" depends on such characteristics as the number of years and the criminal and prestige. Now in most cases, the leader of a criminal association is a person who has personal connections in bandit spheres. Especially people in the bandit cohort do not include. In the ranks of the organized crime group there may be persons who have served a prison term in the camps, but a small number of criminals.

All members of the group regularly make contributions to the overall "budget". Accumulated contributions are transferred to the zone or go to the needs of the group itself. All this work is carried out through the leader of the group.


The group leader is, as a rule, closest toprison society. This was mainly a leading factor during the elections. At the same time, he had to possess fear-inspiring force and appearance, so that others would respect him.

Aspiring to differ among other mass of gangsters,the leader works a lot with sports equipment. He is fast and strong. Important for the leader were and business skills, for example, the ability to resolve discussion issues and contact. Personal traits of a person also play an important role. Specific quality of the leader of an organized criminal group should be a softened aggression.

leaders of the Ulyanovsk

The best

In its almost thirty-year history, the OPG Ulyanovsk in the number of leaders repeatedly brought out strong, ambiguous people. A strong bandit, who decided to collect all the teams of the Right Bank in one fist, was a man nicknamed Tosya, who lived in a big house on the Moscow Highway. It was an atypical person. With the bandits, he keeps tough, was daring to the extreme and cold-blooded. Tosya in a short time subordinated all areas. He was obeyed by many authorities of the Far Zasviyaya. Soon he was one of the most respected people in the criminal Ulyanovsk. However, in 1992, Tosya was killed in a drunken brawl.

Another popular authority of the city of Ulyanovsk S. Kapralov (criminal nickname - Corporal). In the early 90's. became the leader of the OPG "Sapley" and one of the most influential authorities of the Far Zasviyaya. But then he was taken into the army, and the group quickly surrendered. Returning, he began to restore lost ground, becoming a real bandit. Racket, control over the drug trade, prostitution is just a small list of what the group did. The battle for a place in the sun ended with the fact that at the end of December 28, 1995, he was seriously wounded, and died several years later.

I must say that such fates were typical for the authorities of the criminal world of Ulyanovsk, as well as for the whole country. They either perished from a bullet, or in prison, unable to withstand the regime.


Among the bandits in the ranks of criminalthere is a clear opposition between the concepts of "one's own" and "another's". So, for the gangsters of the group "Saply" strangers become "Sands". But usually the members of the association directed their destructive work to adolescents who are outside their circle of friends. Simply put, they mocked the "botanists". They were caught, beaten and frankly robbed. The leading circumstance of such actions was weakness and inability to defend itself. Of course, another reason was the financial component. Bandits calculated such people according to external signs.

Volchkovsky Ulyanovsk

With other groups of informal associations, they,as a rule, behaved calmly. They never liked representatives of sexual minorities, although there are virtually no such people in Ulyanovsk (in any case, they do not advertise their presence). Also members of bandit formations do not express hatred on national and religious grounds.


The clashes between representatives of the warringeven neutral OPG and now is not uncommon. Most often, the basis for the beginning of enmity is an attempt to increase its own territory and multiply the area of ​​influence. Such a picture was observed in 2007 near school No. 12, where there were disassemblies of the nearby OPG "Saplya" and "Peski". As a result, several bandits were taken to the hospital.

Another reason for enmity is the clarification of belonging to a particular association. Instantly solve the problem used to group "Center-KamAZ" (Ulyanovsk).

wholesale Vyrypayevskiye Ulyanovsk

Recently, in the early spring of the current year, due tocriminal razborok this group was killed by a student of the railway technical school. And there are a lot of similar examples. True, often clashes occur simply because of everyday details.

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