Once the Emperor Alexander III called the two main allies of Russia: her army and navy. Today he would have added aviation, which then was not, and it would have turned out three kinds of troops.

The Russian army protects our Motherland from threatsfrom the side of possible adversaries. Their organizational structure includes the types and types of troops. This control scheme is the most rational, it is proved by practice.

Type of army

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are formed by three main types: the ground forces, the fleet and aviation.

Infantry is the oldest kind of troops. Today ground troops have the most modern weapons: ultra-precision artillery, tanks, motorized and missile units, air defense services.

Aviation also includes several births. It can be strategic (distant), transport, reconnaissance and army.

The fleet is the fleet, stronghold and strength of the Russian state.

To a man who is ignorant in matters of strategy, everything is one: that species, that kind. However, there is a difference between them, and significant.

types and types of troops

The troop type is a constituent part of the speciesThe Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Its distinctive feature is the action in some kind of poetic language, in the poetic language, or, in simpler terms, in the environment. On this basis, each type of army is armed with a certain technique. An example is the naval aviation, which is organizationally related to the fleet, and its aircraft are designed to support and protect their ships and counter strangers. The front aviation of the land army is also a military force.

In addition, within each species there arerear services. They also work in their element, because the army and navy must receive in time all kinds of allowances, fuel, components and much more. Some ignorant people refer to the supply and logistics service as to some secondary structure, but this is by no means the case. From its correct operation depends the success of any combat operation to no lesser extent than from guns, missiles, tanks and aircraft.

Russian Army Troops

And there is also a medical service, the role of which can not be overestimated and peaceful, and, God forbid, in time of war.

As a component of each species there is also such a kind of troops as special forces. It serves the most skillful and brave military personnel, ready to perform particularly complex and risky tasks.

In addition, there are separate types of Russian troops: Strategic Missile Forces, paratroopers and military-space defense. They are in direct subordination to the General Staff and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, that is, the President.

The Strategic Missile Forces are carrying out nuclear deterrence. The warheads on the ships of the Russian Navy, including submarine missile carriers, also serve this purpose.

Kinds and kind of an army

The airborne troops are a mobile kind of troops. It is designed to respond quickly to sudden security threats to the country.

The military-space defense monitors the strategic targets of countries-likely adversaries-using satellites in orbit.

In the Russian Army there is a unique kind of troops - railway. After the collapse of the USSR, it was abolished, but in 2004 they were restored again, they now obey the service of the rear.

The communications troops are special units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, their importance is so important that it is advisable to subordinate them to the General Staff.

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