It's no secret that German industryToday, the automotive industry occupies a leading position in the market, since Germany is a synonym for reliability and quality. Motor vehicles manufactured in this super-pragmatic country differ not only in their high level of comfort, but also in their increased economy. For these reasons, to acquire a new model of BMW or Volkswagen is the limit of dreams for many Russian motorists.

And will not he go for the car himself?

It should be noted that a large part of our compatriots go to Germany specifically to buy an "iron horse" there.

Thus they decide howit is cheaper to clear a car: everyone knows that when you make a car for an individual you can save on VAT, the amount of which is 18% of the customs fee. At the same time, this is not the only way to reduce the costs of procedures that are performed when goods cross the state border. We'll talk about this a little later.

One way or another, many compatriotsare interested in the question of how much it costs to clear a car from Germany. However, in a large number of Russians, this procedure causes extremely negative emotions. And this circumstance is quite simply explained: there are enough "rather big taxes", despite the opportunity to save on VAT.

how to clear a car more cheaply

What you need to know

Those who care about the question of how much it coststo clear a car from Germany, should be aware that the fitted "iron horse" must be registered in a German state. Naturally, this must have a written confirmation, which will allow the customs procedures.

You rack your brains over how much it coststo clear a car from Germany? Please note: if it is determined that the vehicle imported is more than 10 years, then the above procedure is impossible at all. In Russia, there is a ban on customs clearance of old cars. Consider this when buying.

In this case, the position of the authorities of individual comments andexplanations do not require: "In our country there are already a lot of cars belonging to the category of used ones, and all this negatively affects the movement."

how much does it cost to clear a car from Germany

List of documents

Before answering the question about how muchit is necessary to clear the car from Germany, we will list which documents should be submitted to the state structures in order for them to produce the procedure itself. Their list is quite small:

a) technical passport;

b) a document confirming that the car was driven from Germany;

c) certificate of de-registration;

c) a document confirming the purchase of a car, certified in Germany (a contract of sale).

Before submitting the above packagepapers, you must fill in the appropriate declaration, in which all information about the purchased machine is recorded. If you have any benefits regarding the implementation of customs procedures, do not forget to also submit them.

Factors affecting the cost of customs clearance of cars

And now let us dwell on the factors that affect the cost of the procedure.

  • Firstly, the price of customs clearance of cars from Germany depends on the volume of the engine: the more it is, the more expensive the process itself will cost you.

Remember that the amount of excise duty does not exceed 10% of the amount you paid for a German car. Thus, the price of the machine also matters.

  • Secondly, the cost of customs proceduresdetermines the age of the "iron horse". Want to save money? Then buy a vehicle no older than five years. If your choice falls on an old car, you will be forced to fork out, because the payment of tax will be a tidy sum.
  • Thirdly, the amount of customs duties is influenced bywhat fuel is used in the "German" you have purchased. At the same time, lawmakers created a fairly simple rule: "The blacker the smoke, the greater the cost of customs clearance of the vehicle."

In addition to this, it should be noted: if the state structures consider that the foreign car is a threat to the environment, then customs procedures in respect of it will not be made at all.

car customs clearance price

Consider the calculation of the cost of customs duties on a specific example

We purchased a Volkswagen Polo 1.6 TDI DPF Team (Klima Einparkhilfe) for 9,000 euros. It is made in 2010. The volume of the engine is 1598 cu. centimeters.

According to the tariffs in force in our country, a payment of 2.5 euros per 1 cubic meter is set for a car with the above motor parameter. centimeter.

We need to multiply 2.5 euros by the amountcubic meters of the engine. By simple calculations (2.5 x 1598), we get an amount equal to 3995 euros, or, in translation to our domestic currency, 183,770 rubles. This will be the amount of customs duties. However, this is not all costs. We are talking about measures of so-called "non-tariff regulation".

The owner of the German car is obliged to paya disposal fee of 3,000 rubles, the cost of a Euro 5 certificate, which also costs 3,000 rubles. If the car is more than 4 years old, then before receiving the above document, the car will need to be specially converted, and this will require additional expenses of 15 000 rubles. In addition, the characteristics of the purchased car must comply with the requirements of the Regulation "On the safety of wheeled vehicles." If this question is not all right, then his decision will also require material costs. Well, going "on your own" abroad, do not forget about the cost of transportation services. Also remember that in case of assistance of customs brokers their work also needs to be paid.

Thus, only after a detailed analysis of the cost estimates can you make a final decision on the question: "Is it cheaper to buy a car if you drive it yourself from abroad"?

to clear a new car from Germany


In fairness, it should be emphasized thatIt is not so easy to customs clearance a new car from Germany today. The owner of BMW will have to spend a lot of time to settle all the formalities associated with the passage of goods across the state border. That is why it is necessary to study in advance all the subtleties and nuances of customs procedures. It is not superfluous to use the services of a professional lawyer who will tell you how to do everything with the least loss of money and time.

You can also use the help of a customs broker who will carry out all the necessary work promptly and competently.

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