The State Fire Service monitorsfire prevention measures. Here, preventive measures are carried out, workers extinguish fires as needed, and ordinary personnel are trained for emergency work. Many are interested in what types of fire protection are divided, since this aspect is important in matters of security.

State fire supervision

The duty of this service is to conductsupervision of the implementation of legal measures to prevent all possible risks of ignition. In the State Fire Supervision, 16,000 employees are working, which indicates that the types of fire protection are in demand.

Every year this enterprise carries out a number of measures:

  1. Activities are being carried out with the aim ofimplementation of basic inspections, monitoring the state of the main facilities that are considered potentially dangerous. The number of such inspections is 1500 per year.
  2. Employees think through and offer activities,which could organize other persons interested in fire safety. In total, about 7.5 million events are being developed and published.
    types of fire protection

Thanks to the activities of this organization, positive results are achieved:

  1. About 450 thousand fires a year did not take place.
  2. Private property and state propertydo not succumb to corruption. In total, it is possible to save items worth 35-45 billion rubles. This is an important subsection, which is the main part of the data list, which discusses the main types of fire brigade garrisons and their purpose.

Municipal fire protection

Municipal fire protection is formed in anywhere the local government will decide to place such an institution. It is allowed to create this organization only within the clear boundaries of a single municipal formation. Employees deal with security issues. The main types of fire protection help reduce the number of calls if they work regularly.

The list of elements of this organization includes:

  1. Special types of fire protection, whichThey are caused when fires occur only in those territorial entities that formally form part of the municipal formation. Each such object is attached to a site where a specific municipal protection operates, therefore the order of departure of fire fighting vehicles is strictly defined.
  2. The object subdivisions, which carry out not only the function of extinguishing fires, but also carry out the prevention of their occurrence, talk about measures to prevent a fire hazard situation.
    basic types of fire protection

The main objectives that are put before the workers of municipal protection:

  1. Organization and conduct of work on the prevention and prevention of fire consequences by the staff, as well as the ceasefire.
  2. Rescue and rescue operations, including in case of burning out of forest tracts, if the situation poses a threat to a particular municipal institution.
  3. Salvation of people and valuable property from fire.
  4. Taking part in extinguishing fires that cover other municipalities, if there is a shortage of workers in the responsible unit for this process.

Departmental fire protection

Departmental fire brigade, depending onwhat other types of fire protection do, can be created by federal authorities, if the need for this is obvious. The State Fire Service oversees such organizations, determines the order of their opening, the principles of work. Departmental fire protection also serves to prevent significant damage to property due to the fire.

types and tasks of fire protection

Private fire protection

You can create fire brigade on a private basisin any localities. At the same time, it will be separated from the state and municipal, acting in parallel with them. Units go to the site of a fire, eliminate any consequences of ignition, but all actions are carried out through the signing of the treaty. Before starting any activity, private fire protection should be licensed, while the procedure for issuing the relevant documents is governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

types of communication in the fire department

Voluntary fire protection

This type of fire protection providesfree participation of citizens without special education in ensuring security measures for people, residential facilities and territories from fire. Working in such an organization, every person knows that he is performing socially meaningful work, helping people cope with problems. The procedure for taking part in voluntary fire protection is established by state or municipal bodies of local self-government. In the future, they supervise and regulate the activities of the association.

Features of the work of voluntary fire protection

The voluntary fire protection is athe co-ordinated forces who wish to bring help to people by participating in providing protection measures for living beings. In doing so, they carry out the types and tasks of fire protection in extinguishing fires and saving victims. Initiative for the creation of such an organization can put forward as a citizen, and any legal entity.

types of garrisons of fire protection

It is permitted to divide the activities of the association intowarning, holding various activities to help prevent a fire, and the ability to participate in extinguishing fires. Organizations are often divided into a niche that they have chosen for themselves. Also, sometimes businesses combine both activities. Voluntary fire protection often functions where there are no other types of such organizations, or where associations of this kind do not cope with the amount of work.

Means of communication of workers of fire protection

Separately, the types of communication in the fire department,key figures in which are the fire extinguisher leader and the executive brigade. Communication is maintained between them thanks to the work of fire departments. Through them, employees transmit important information and send out requests. In a similar way, not only the main persons involved in the fire extinguishing activities keep in touch, but also the commanders of the combat areas, who can, upon request, provide vehicles equipped with fire fighting equipment.

types and tasks of fire protection

Main types of fire protection constantlysupport the optimal number of diverse groups that specialize in firefighting. Through the action of all services, mass preventive actions are provided to prevent a fire, and the cars have the opportunity to come on call on time.

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