Water is one of the most dangerous elements. It is she, according to statistics, destroys most of all things, and people. The rules of behavior for a flood should know absolutely everything, because it is never known, where and because of what it can

flood rules
to happen. It is believed that most often this natural disaster occurs in the autumn-winter and winter-spring period due to prolonged or intensive precipitation or because of the rapid melting of the snow cover. But the reasons can be and other: technical damages on reservoirs, failure. Remember that the rules of behavior during a flood prescribe also the basic measures that allow to avoid unhappiness. In particular, it is impossible to deform and damage dams and dams, you can not ride on bulk shafts, except for places intended for this purpose. It is not recommended to plant trees on mounds. In addition, one should never erect buildings, dig pits, ditches, wells, ditches in less than 50 meters from the foot of the shaft.

Rules of conduct in the emergency state say that it is necessaryclearly follow the instructions of the crisis center. If there is a danger of flooding, this will be announced by radio and television. Thanks to historical data, settlements with an increased risk of flooding are usually monitored, and the situation is constantly monitored.

rules of behavior in the hour
As prescribed by the rules of conduct forflood, in the event of a threat approach, turn off the electricity and gas. If you live in an area of ​​high risk, discuss with your family in advance how you will keep in touch with each other. Be prepared for possible evacuation, take only documents and the most valuable things. When approaching the danger, move all valuables to the upper floors or to the attic. Take care of animals - find a safe place for them, do not forget to make sure that they are not tied to the onset of the disaster - only so they can be saved. The rules for flood behavior also state that it is necessary to prepare for it: stock up on water and food, warm clothes and shoes, sleeping bags. It is necessary that the emergency kit includes flashlights with spare batteries, portable radios, first-aid kit and basic medicines if one of the family members is sick. Insure yourself and your property. In the event of a threat approaching, flood rules are required to turn on the radio or TV and listen to reports of weather and situation. Follow the instructions given by the authorities. If you can, send the children and the elderly to a safe place.

The lower floors, especially the basement,podstrahuyte sandbags or plastic materials that will be at hand. The rules for safe flood behavior also prescribe not to try to drive through the flood zone in a car: it may die out and it will be difficult to get out of it. As much as possible, do not panic.

rules for safe flood behavior
Sober and calm thinking is half the battle forof salvation. If an evacuation is declared, follow the recommendations of the authorities. Usually safe routes are notified in advance. After the threat is over and the big water is gone, keep listening to the recommendations. Return home only when it is completely safe. Check for visible damage to the house. Open the windows and doors and ventilate the building, start heating it. Disinfect floors, walls, objects that have been polluted by flood waters. All foodstuffs that had contact with them must be discarded. Boil water, take care of the cleanliness of the bathrooms, often wash your hands. This will help you avoid infections.

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