Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani became the fourthaccount of the emir of Qatar after his father voluntarily resigned and retired. Voluntary abdication in favor of the heir is not very common in the Arab monarchies. It is likely that the reason for this decision was the spread of the ideas of the so-called Arab spring in the region. Among all heads of sovereign states, the current emir of Qatar is the youngest.

tamim bin hamad al tani

Ascent to power

Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani was far from the firsta place among potential heirs, being the second son of the second wife of the ruling monarch. Perhaps in order not to include his son in a premature struggle for power, his father sent him to Britain, where he received a magnificent education. First he graduated from the private school of Sherborne, and then the military academy Sandhurst.

Returning home, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani began his service in the armed forces of Qatar as a military pilot.

However, already in 2003 he was officially declared the heir to the Qatari throne. It happened because his older brother unexpectedly for the public refused the throne in favor of his brother.


State of Qatar. The transformation program

As soon as Sheikh Al Thani realized that he would become the ruler of the state, he began active work to change the image of Qatar in the international arena.

In the second year of his appointment, heir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani founded the state company Qatar Sports Investments, which was supposed to be engaged in the development of the sports industry.

With his most active participation, the XVAsian Games in Doha, in which he invested a lot of strength and money. Under his leadership, the organization of the World Swimming Championships was held and, probably, the World Cup 2022 will be held. It is assumed that 100 billion dollars will be spent on preparing the country's infrastructure for such a significant event. However, critics argue that during the discussion of Qatar's bid to host the championship there was corruption.

Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani personally headedThe National Olympic Committee and closely follows everything that happens in the sporting life of his country. He is the owner of the title "The best sports personality of the Arab world."

In addition to sports, the sheik is also interested in financesand heads the Qatari investment administration as chairman of the board of directors. In addition, he heads numerous environmental organizations, the Higher Education Council and investment companies.

Qatar on the world map

The beginning of government

June 25, 2013 Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa AlTanya revealed his intentions to resign in the family circle and close associates. However, his youngest son became the official head of state only after a public announcement about it on television. Thus began the reign of the new monarch of the Persian Gulf.

In the opinion of many independent observers, amonghis competitors to the throne of Tamim favorably distinguished by a good education, moderate religiosity and business acumen. His other brothers were too fond of amusements or prayers.

At the same time, some observers believe thatat first the position of the heir was not so strong: it was not supported by the military and secret police, which has extensive powers in Qatar. However, through the efforts of the prince, the state managed to avoid a coup and confusion.

Qatar State

The basis of well-being

Despite the fact that Qatar on the world map ishardly noticeable peninsula in the Persian Gulf, its importance for the world economy is enormous. It is common knowledge that the state owns one of the largest natural gas deposits, the proven reserves of which are about 15% of the world.

Such significant stocks make the stateQatar is one of the main suppliers of liquefied natural gas to the international market. This allows the Qatari ruler to pursue an independent foreign policy and pay minimal attention to criticism of his domestic policy.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamid Al Tani

Ambiguous domestic policy

Unlike his father, who gaveinternational relations are disproportionately time-consuming compared to the internal affairs of the country, Tamim bin Hamid Al Thani decided to focus on Qatar's domestic life.

During the first few years of independent rule, the emir built a whole network of new roads around the capital, laid the foundations for the development of the Moscow metro.

In addition, he undertook to optimize internalgovernment spending, reduced the number of overlapping ministries and programs. The financing of Qatar's museums was also reduced. However, the Emir paid the greatest attention to food security of the state.

Fearing the spread of revolutionary ideas and inanxiety about the stability of his dynasty, the ruler began to provide the population with affordable food. For this purpose, the food safety program was reorganized, through which subsidies are made to companies that reduce food prices.

tamim bin hamid al tani and wife

International criticism

International human rights organizations beatanxiety in connection with systematic violations of the rights and freedoms of citizens of the country. Qatar on the world map, which is seen by human rights activists, does not occupy the most honorable place.

Simultaneously with other oil monarchiesregion, he became a party to an international agreement on criminal liability for insulting on the Internet any governor of the region. Thus, Qatar entered the club of states that punish their citizens for their political position.

But infringement of the rights of own citizens is far from beingThe only skill that the young monarch perfectly possesses. On all sides, there are regular statements that the state of Qatar is a sponsor of the Islamists. For example, according to the Times, his government financed Syrian rebels for more than a billion dollars. Thus, the emir Tamim is considered one of those who is involved in the unleashing of a bloody civil war in Syria, whose victims have already become hundreds of thousands of people, many millions are forcibly wandering in neighboring countries or risking their lives overcoming the sea to get to Europe.

Speaking of Qatar, journalists and human rights defenders never bypass the issue of the situation of labor migrants who have absolutely no rights, but are constantly oppressed and discriminated against.

sheikh tamim bin hamad al tani

Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and his wife

In his first marriage, Tamim entered long beforeobtaining monarchy inheritance, in 2005. His first wife was a cousin, from whom he has four children, the eldest of whom was born in 2006.

Two more daughters and two sons were born to the monarch from his second wife, the daughter of the Qatari ambassador in Jordan.

In 2014, the sheikh took himself a third wife, from whom he had another son.

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