According to the current legislation, the sizeold-age pension in Russia is calculated depending on the labor contribution that was made by a specific person. In other words, the monthly allowances are calculated on the basis of how long the work lasted and what the salary was on it. After reaching the age specified in the laws should contact the authorities of the PF, where specialists on the basis of the available experience and average earnings will determine the amount of social benefits.

What does the pension depend on?

At the onset of retirement age issueprovision of citizens passes to the shoulders of the state. In most cases, this amount is the only real source of income, which provides the means for existence. Therefore, for every person, any information concerning the size of the minimum and maximum pension in Russia is relevant. And in modern reality it takes on special sharpness.

The average pension in Russia

Back in 2015, the Russian pensionlegislation was introduced a number of significant changes. To date, the registration of a pension is acceptable for people aged 55 and 60 years, for women and men, respectively.

In advance, no one will be able to say what the size of the pension will be. It consists of many components, including:

  • the age when the pension is registered;
  • existing deductions from wages, which were made into a pension fund;
  • the size of the salary of a particular person at each stage of his labor activity;
  • the total duration of the work experience of a citizen.

As an example, you can take the average size of pensions in Russia, along with the amount of minimum payments by region.

In some cases, an early exit is providedon retire. We are talking about disability payments, loss of a bread-winner, participation in the Second World War, etc. For such situations, additional correction factors have been developed that cover various aspects, including the territorial affiliation of the subject of the federation. The size of the minimum pension by region of Russia depends in part on their location. Thus, the average pension in the north exceeds those in the south.

Maximum insurance pension in Russia

Several years ago, the pension legislation was amended. Their peculiarity consists in the following: now the age of a citizen is not taken into account when calculating the size of his pension.

Initially, this decision was aimed atsaving the PF resources and the size of the social pension in Russia. But it was this addition that opened up the possibility for citizens to secure additional income. To obtain it, it is enough to continue working activity even when reaching the so-called retirement age.

That is, if a woman or a man reachesage of 55 or 60 years, respectively, and does not draw up a pension at the same time, it gives her or him the right to receive a weighty premium to the principal amount. In turn, this also increases the average pension in Russia. Moreover, the allowance will increase: the longer a pensioner by age will continue to work without receiving a social payment, the higher the coefficient of final calculation will be.

The maximum pension in Russia for old age

This measure is an incentive to continuelabor activity even when the citizen has already reached a certain age limit. This is beneficial to both parties. The person who does not stop working, gets a chance to have a higher pension in the future.

Who gets the highest payout?

Many people wonder how much in factis the maximum insurance pension in Russia, and who receives it. This prerogative extends to persons belonging to the category of "personal retirees".

According to statistics, the largest amount ofThe present day is fixed in the former employees of the administrative apparatus of the Russian Federation. Moreover, for them, a separate procedure for the calculation of pensions is provided for in law. It differs significantly from the established order of payments for ordinary citizens.

The maximum pension in Russia

Benefits much larger thanaverage figures, are fixed at employees of the largest commercial companies in the country, which belong to one of the categories of "personal retirees". The secret of large sums is simple: the calculation is made on the basis of a social pension in Russia in conjunction with the deductions from the salary of a citizen, which he exercised during his working life.

And the exact amount of payments for people specifiedcategories is unknown to anyone, since these figures constitute a state secret. A separate procedure for calculating the pension is provided for persons from departmental circles. They receive appropriate payments through state structures:

  • FSK;
  • FSIN;
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • The Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • Ministry of Defence.

According to the averaged data, their pension is twice the amount of average payments accepted in the region for ordinary pensioners.

Another category of people who rely onthe maximum pension in Russia for old age, these are people who once were test pilots, judges, including military, and many others. The average payout for them is about 100,000 rubles. Accrue such a pension immediately upon completion of work. The same applies to officials who worked in municipal offices, prosecutors and deputies.

Maximum pensions in Russia

Disabled persons with a significant work record are also entitled to a larger pension. Nevertheless, all these categories of citizens are a minority. The bulk - these are ordinary people who receive average benefits in accordance with the length of service and the amount of deductions made during the period of employment.

What is the average payout size?

When answering the question, what is the maximumthe size of the old-age pension in Russia, you need to take into account the fact that payments vary significantly by region. According to the data from the pension fund, on average, citizens around the country receive about 9227 rubles (data for 2016 year). Statistics show that this is about 40% of the average income of able-bodied citizens.

In this case, the social pension in practice is even less than the payment of old age. It is just over 7000 rubles.

Minimum and maximum pension in Russia

Separately identified citizens who putpension due to disability. The size of their payments varies between 11000-14500 rubles. In many ways, it depends on the reason and under what circumstances the person was injured, preventing further employment.

Features of social security of pensioners

Specialists pay special attention to thesystem of pension provision for citizens, which operated on the territory of Russia in the Soviet years. Most experts consider it the best. It is not surprising that over the following years the state sought to maintain a similar social policy.

The size of the old-age pension in Russia

Nevertheless, the statistical data show,that over time the amount of pension in the regions of Russia is still growing. Moreover, this increase is ahead of the growth rates of the value of the consumer basket, combined with inflation across the country. In many respects, a sufficient level of pensions is supported by the state indexation of payments, which is traditionally carried out twice a year.

Approximate Retirement Calculator

Over the past four years, the site PFRussia has a special application - the so-called retirement calculator. This is a simple program that allows everyone to pre-calculate what kind of pension he will be entitled to. If desired, you can make a forecast of future amounts, taking into account those or other significant factors.

The main parameters requested by the system arethe amount of official income and the length of service, as well as military service or its absence and so on. The peculiarity of the calculator is that it determines the total amount for immediate retirement, based on the data entered by the user.

Maximum pension in Russia for old age

Specialists pay special attention to the citizens onfeature of the system. During preliminary calculations, it somewhat reduces the amount of reimbursable payments during the preliminary calculations. That is, the real amount will be slightly larger. How much, will determine the current pension coefficient, which is exposed on the basis of the demographic and economic situation, and some other factors of the development of the state and the region. This is definitely worth remembering, by calculating the expected pension payments on the site.

Provided additional payments

In practice, to obtain the maximum pension inRussia can not only on the basic parameters of its calculation. The total amount can significantly increase the additional payments provided by the state.

In view of the fact that many peopleretirement age in fact lose the opportunity to work, they are classified as socially unprotected citizens. Usually they are not covered by maximum pensions in Russia.

The size of pension in the regions of Russia

It is for this reason thata number of benefits and benefits that will ensure a formal increase in pensions. Benefits and benefits relate to the following spheres of life of modern society:

  1. Health protection. Pensioners, thanks to the existing medical insurance, receive free medical care, a 50% discount is applied to a number of medicines for them.
  2. Taxation. All pensioners do not pay property tax. In addition, nothing is deducted from their pension, unlike working citizens.
  3. Housing and communal services. A number of compensations have been developed in this area. In particular, poor citizens can make compensation for payment of public utilities or a subsidy for these purposes.
  4. Transport. In each region, there are certain benefits that allow minimizing the costs of travel in transport.

In other words, even taking into account that the mainthe mass of citizens does not receive payments close to the size of the maximum pensions in Russia, they can enjoy state support. This partially compensates for the small amount of payments.

How to apply for a pension?

The maximum or minimum pension sizepayments are calculated by the relevant authorities only after the submission of the necessary documents. The benefit is paid at the expense of the special insurance fund, in which employers make monthly contributions for their employees throughout the entire period of their work.

The size of the social pension in Russia

Most often people apply for old-age benefits.

In order to receive the funds due, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. Sufficient work experience. For 2017, it is 8 years, but the program of its gradual increase is already in effect - by 2025 it will be minimum 15 years to work.
  2. Age. The usual age for the old age pension is 55 or 60 years for women and men, respectively. In rare cases, exceptions are provided for certain categories of citizens. If civil servants receive a pension later than ordinary people, then if there are special reasons, payments can be made ahead of schedule.
  3. Pension coefficients. The current legislation also provides for the gradual increase of these coefficients as the minimum pensionable experience grows.

Changes in pension legislation

The 2016th year was remembered by numerous innovations in the pension sphere. Experts argue that not all the envisaged changes are positive.

The main advantages are thatto increase the retirement age will not be contrary to popular rumors. All those who, at the time of entry into force of the changes have already issued a pension, are not subject to innovation.

The average pension in Russia

Within the framework of this reform, a system of pension scores and additional coefficients was introduced. Has grown and the minimum pensionable experience.

It is not yet clear which of the innovations are positive, and which ones will affect the system negatively. This will become clear after a few years and more.

The amount of pensions this year

In order to make a pension in 2017, a person shouldbe at least 11.4 pension points in total with an 8-year work record. The minimum size of payments is similar to the subsistence minimum and is just under 9,000 rubles.

If a person continues working in retirement age, he accumulates about three points each year.


Thus, the design of a pension in the Russian Federation has a number of features:

  • the average payout is 13600 rubles;
  • to obtain an insurance pension, provided that sufficient age is required, retirement points and a certain length of service;
  • to apply for payment, you must apply to the Pension Fund;
  • the basis for an individual calculation of the pension amount is taken by a fixed part of the state in conjunction with the points collected by a person.
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