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In construction, as in any other sphere, there isits own, prescribed by law, safety documentation. And it is created not only for employers, but also for employees. No wonder, because the statistics of injuries and deaths on construction sites for 2012 is frightening: more than 300 cases! It is worth noting that 98 of them occurred precisely because of non-compliance with safety regulations. General calculations show us that the dead were about two hundred, and seriously injured - more than one hundred and eighty. This indicates that in this industry, negligence is becoming commonplace. This leads to a number of questions that can arise before or after an accident.

safety in construction
Safety in construction

Unfortunately, not always knowledge of the provisions of technologysafety against accidents. However, it is absolutely necessary to know them. The summary of the rules given below is a commitment not only to builders, but also to employers who do not want excesses.

safety documentation
The golden rule is "do not have water, but keep sand in reserve"

And it extends to all objectsconstruction. In the arsenal in a conspicuous place, there must be sand, a shovel, a hook and, of course, a fire extinguisher. It is important that the employer conducts safety briefing, in other words, shows where everything is.

Without a doctor, but with a first aid kit!

Safety in construction includesfirst aid kit as a mandatory attribute. And it must contain such first aid means as bandage, cotton wool and plaster, iodine and ammonia, zebra, rubber tourniquet, and also a means for burns. To prevent various infections, you should have an antibacterial agent.

Protect yourself from electrical damage!

means of individual protection for builders

Safety in construction saysThat you can not touch faulty electrical appliances, bare wires. Work should be in gloves, in a stable position. This means - all plugs, cables and tools must be checked before work. As an addition to this - understandable, it would seem, even to young children the rules: cutting to use in the direction of "from yourself", do not place sharp objects in pockets. For each employee, all means, individually, should always be available. Protection for builders is no better than glasses, earphones that protect the eardrums from the negative impact of strong noise, protective sleeves and knee pads, as well as gauze bandages, or respirators.

Responsibility for non-compliance safety standards

The consequences of violations of the rules may beadministrative, criminal, disciplinary and material punishments. Builders of criminal penalties do not concern - this refers to those responsible for the plots, etc. In case of trauma at work, the employee has the right to receive monetary compensation from the employer. In addition, in the case of long-term disability, the disability of the injured, the employer may be convicted under the Criminal Code. Safety engineering in construction, more precisely, the consequences for the employer in case of non-observance of these rules and traumatizing workers, also provides for payment of moral damage, payment of hospital, sanatorium if necessary.

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