Currently, the validity period of the certificatedriver in our country is ten years old. Despite such a long period of time, the need to obtain new rights in place of old for many comes suddenly. Therefore, drivers certainly have a number of questions: "What do you need to replace the driver's license?". We tried to put all the questions on the shelves, so that after reading the article, replacing the rights did not seem such a catastrophe.

A few words about the validity period of the driver's license

As noted above, the validity of the certificatethe driver is ten years old, after which it becomes invalid and must be replaced. However, there are exceptions to this rule. So, persons who stay on the territory of our country only temporarily and do not have a national driving license of their state, receive Russian rights on general grounds, but for the time that registration documents for the right to temporarily reside in our country operate. That is, in some cases, driving licenses for vehicles are issued for a period of less than ten years.

Replacement of the driver's license in connection with the expiration of the validity period: where does the procedure take place?

The simplest way is when yougo to the department of the traffic police, which is assigned to the place where you are registered (in the village, village, city). The address of the office (and just in case his phone) you can easily find out either on the Internet or in the Yellow Pages directory. Replacement of the driver's license in connection with the expiration of the validity period can be carried out in any department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, which is located in the territory of your federal subject (for example, on the territory of Moscow or on the territory of the Leningrad Region). The latter concerns both those who are officially registered, and people who do not have registration at the place of residence, but who live in a particular city / region in fact and permanently.

Documents required to replace a driver's license

The following list will help you gather your thoughts and correctly prepare a package of all those documents that are needed to replace the invalid rights with new ones:

  1. Your passport or any other document that certifies your identity.
  2. Statement (of course, from you).
  3. Medical certificate on the form N 083 / U-89.
  4. A document that confirms that you have a registration.
  5. Driver's license expired.
  6. Your photo size is 3 by 4 centimeters with a "corner" (except in cases when the traffic police provides for automated production of certificates).
  7. A receipt that is an indication that you paid for the issuance of a new certificate.
  8. The document that you passed and finished training in a driving school (it is strictly not obligatory, because some drivers got the right in their time without finishing the driving school).

Statement of replacementdriver's license in connection with the expiration of the period of validity that you currently need is usually filled in on the spot, according to the established model provided in the traffic police department.

If all the other documents you prepare in advance, the procedure for replacing old rights with new ones will not take much time and energy from you.

Sanctions for driving with expired rights

It should be noted that only thoseowners of an overdue certificate, which were stopped on the road by a traffic police officer. But if you do not stop, then no one will impose a fine on you. Nevertheless, do not play with luck, especially in the conditions that the current legislation constantly increases the amount of fines for violations on the roads.

Now that you know all the nuances of thisbusiness, the replacement of the driver's license in connection with the expiration of the term of validity should not cause you any difficulties. We recommend that you closely monitor when your rights expire. Better yet, make a mark in the electronic or mobile calendar, because the delay can cause a significant blow to your wallet.

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