In accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation(Federal Law No. 129), in our country there are state registers containing information on the creation, liquidation, reorganization of legal entities, as well as data on the assignment to an individual of the status of an individual entrepreneur and on the waiver of this status.

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Amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities are made onbased on the signed application on the established form, the decision of the relevant legal entity on making changes, the text of the amendments themselves and the document confirming the payment of the state duty. If the changes are not related to the constituent documents, an application and a copy of the document confirming the change are submitted to the state body responsible for registration. Legislation allows both the personal provision of documents and their sending by mail with a list of investments and declared value, provision through a multifunctional center for the provision of public services or by sending electronic documents, sealed with an electronic signature.

State duty for amending the Unified State Register of Legal Entitiesis paid in accordance with the requirements of the tax code (Chapter 25.3) and now amounts to 800 rubles for state registration of changes in the company's constituent documents or liquidation of the legal entity (except cases of bankruptcy).

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By the terms of the amendment in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities should notoccupy more than 5 days (workers) from the day at which the duly issued documents were submitted to the registration authorities. If the state body has unlawfully refused to make changes or other entries in the register, then the appropriate officials may be fined in the amount of 1 or 2 thousand rubles.

Information contained in the Unified State Register of Legal Entitiesaccessible to all, except for the passport data of the citizen and information about the place of residence of the individual entrepreneur (are presented in a special order). For the rest of the data, it is possible to obtain an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, copies of documents in the register, or obtain a certificate of absence of the requested information in state registers. This information the registration authority must provide within 5 days (working) after receiving the incoming request. If the state agency refused to provide such information without legal grounds, then officials may be fined in the amount of one to two thousand rubles.

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Amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities in the cases,established by law, are mandatory, and their late registration or lack thereof entails responsibility in accordance with the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses. So, an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity that provided false information about themselves or their organization or did not give them at all, can receive a warning or penalties of up to 5 thousand rubles. If the introduction of changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities was accompanied by the provision of false information, in some cases a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur may be subject to criminal punishment.

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