The military registration and enlistment office is a military commissariat, whichshould be available in every city to keep records of conscripts and provide the state with trained specialists in case there is a need to protect their Motherland. The Constitution of the state clearly states that all young people of pre-conscription age must be registered with the military registration and enlistment office, and when it is time to pay the debt to their homeland, the recruits go through the commission and go to serve in the army, which has definite terms. You can extend them by signing a contract for a certain period.

military registration and enlistment office

What is the military enlistment office and what role does it play?

The military registration and enlistment office is an institution that conductsa set of measures to encourage young people to join the army. In the peacetime period, military commissariats monitor the account of all conscripts and military personnel who are in reserve, are drafted into the army, organize medical examinations and draw approximate conclusions about the physical and psychological condition of the draftee. During the war, all military commissariats work in a strengthened mode. They spend for short periods of mobilization, form military units and distribute all those who are liable for specialties, call and conduct a commission of servicemen who are listed in the reserve.

How is the conscription made?

Military commissariats of the districts callyoung people in the army. A young man, who has reached the age of a recruit, must appear at the military registration and enlistment office and register. He must undergo a medical examination, then go to the army in a clearly prescribed time and place.

military recruiting mode

Before you get into the army, you need a young man to register with the military commissariat. The conscription commission is called up by the commission, it is completed in every city.

Who is being drafted into the army?

Such categories of people can be called up for the army service:

  1. Citizens who have reached the age of the conscript (go into the army voluntarily).
  2. Foreign citizens who have military posts and are willing to serve the state under a contract.
    military commissar

Young people are called upon to serve18 to 27 years old, registered in the military enlistment office or not yet composed. Persons who are already 27 years old are not drafted into the army, in which case a citizen can issue a military ticket on the basis of the law. Citizens who have a serious reason for this are officially released from service in the army:

  1. Young people who did not pass the commission and are unsuitable for health reasons.
  2. If a young person of military age has a small child who has not reached the age of majority, or parents who can not take care of themselves.
    military district commissariats
  3. If in the family of the recruit the mother brings up several minor children.
  4. If the family already has one conscript who is serving in the army.
  5. If the wife of a young person is disabled or pregnant.

The mode of work of the military commissariat

The mode of operation of the military commissariat is established by lawaccording to the general schedule, taking into account the days off and holidays, but the call can be made only twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn. The President of the State issues an order with clearly indicated dates for the beginning and end of the call. As a rule, the spring call starts from April and lasts until July, and the autumn period of the conscription starts from October and ends in December.


For individual regions, states can be madeexceptions, and the mode of operation of the military commissariat will be changed. For example, in Russia, citizens of the Far North are called up later, and this also applies to citizens who are involved in agricultural work on sowing and harvesting.

What is the length of service in the army?

Life in the army in any state isin law. In most states, the service life reaches one year. Soldiers who do not have the military rank of an officer can be drafted into the army for a period of two years. A soldier serving in the army on contract must apply to the military commissariat at the duty station, and the military commissar will conclude a contract with him with clearly stipulated terms.

What is the summons to the military enlistment office?

The summons is handed to the conscript personally under the signatureor against receipt. The summons is distributed by the employees of the commissariat at the place of study of the conscript or the place of his residence. There must necessarily indicate the consequences for the citizen, if he does not fulfill the stated requirements.

register with the military enlistment office

Every man of military age must comesummons to the military commissariat. Fees are carried out in order to pass the survey and get a verdict of their readiness from the commission of the military commissariat. As soon as a young person receives a summons, he urgently needs to report to the military commissariat (the maximum period is 3 days), after which responsibility arises.

What is the commission in the military enlistment office?

The military registration and enlistment office is an institution in which it is compulsoryall recruits undergo a medical examination. All such recruits must undergo such a medical examination, except those who have the right not to serve in the army. A specially created commission makes a decision in relation to a young man of military age and determines his willingness to serve in the army. The Commission provides an opinion on the following categories:

  1. Category A means that the young man is completely fit for service in the army.
  2. Category B testifies that the recruit is fit for service, but there are small restrictions.
  3. Category B allows the conscript to serve, but limits the range of activities.
  4. Category D indicates that the conscript temporarily can not begin to serve in the army.
  5. When installed category D, it means that the conscript can notto serve in the army for health reasons or because, at the time of the appropriate draft age, he will already have underage children.

If the commission in the military registration and enlistment office can not give a fullconclusion, the draftee is sent for examination to a medical institution, after which he again comes to the military registration and enlistment office with all the certificates and extracts from the polyclinic for a re-examination.

How is the decision made by the conscription commission?

The conscription commission assumes all obligations and responsibility for the worthy organization of medical research and the adoption of the following decisions in relation to the conscript:

  1. A decision is made on conscription into the army.
  2. The issue of alternative service is being considered.
  3. May be granted a respite from the service.
  4. A conscript may be exempt from conscription.
  5. A decision is made to enroll in the reserve.

The Commission personally monitors all acceptedsolutions. It consists of several members who take all decisions collectively, through voting. The Commission keeps a record of each conscript, after which he is given a registration card. The conscript, passing the commission, receives a summons with the indication of time and place for his distribution to the military service.

How does the military enlistment office allocate conscripts to the army service

The military registration and enlistment office is still a distributing body. All conclusions about the place of service are given out by the commission, which, according to the majority of votes, taking into account the medical examination, psychological selection, education and special preparation, decides on the appointment of a draftee. Each state takes into account its needs for the availability of military specialists in reserve, if it is necessary to recruit troops during the mobilization period.

commission in the military registration and enlistment office

To prepare specialists, the military commissariatthe organized sending of citizens of draft age to military service is guaranteed. For this purpose, echelons are formed, which are transferred to the disposal of military units. In turn, the state should take care of allocating a room with a territory equipped with everything necessary for special training.

Getting to the point of collection, the future military receivesclothing items and free meals. From the collection point there is a redistribution of conscripts to the military parts of the state. Even before the citizen's death for military service, the military commissioner assigns him the rank of private. At the same time, a record must be made in the military ticket and the special card where the records are kept. As soon as the recruit enters the military unit, he begins military service. It continues exactly as long as indicated by law, after which the service can also continue, but already under contract.

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