Personnel record keeping is a mandatoryprocedure, which should be managed by the enterprise with any form of ownership. Work with personnel begins with the appearance of labor relations in the firm, and the management of records management is regulated by a number of normative documents and laws, the main of which is the Labor Code.

Essentially, any new company must perform personnel records from scratch, engage in legally correct organization of internal documents that are related to the movement of personnel.

The company carries out actions and draws updocuments related to the admission of employees to posts, internal and external transfers of current employees, the provision of leave, the preparation of sick leave sheets, business trips, compensatory time off, dismissal of employees.

And it lists only the main directionsactivity, which is performed by personnel records management, from scratch starting these procedures. At the same time, every action in personnel work is regulated both by local legal and regulatory acts, and by laws of subjects of the state.

The ongoing toughening of responsibility forthis direction forces employers to pay increased attention to personnel issues, and the management and organization of personnel records from scratch requires a fundamental knowledge of the rules of documentation and labor law.

Personnel work is not only inlegal registration of labor relations between the parties. With a competent approach, HR records management (from scratch) will allow you to optimize the taxable base, apply various articles of tax relief, and reduce rates.

When carrying out personnel records managementthe employer legally protects himself. After all, it is difficult to bring to justice an unscrupulous employee if there are violations in personnel records, or if there was no paperwork at all. In addition, the employer has the functions of the law to address various issues related to compensation, allowances, benefits, pensions.

And the observance of social rights by the supervisory bodiesis under special attention. This largely explains the increased interest on the part of the prosecutor's office, tax authorities and other state bodies in the conduct of personnel records management in companies.

Personnel records management from scratch: problem solving

Work with personnel includes the organization of the systemmanagement, regulates the labor process. Clear demands and tasks imposed on employees impose on them obligations to perform labor relations. Proper registration of the legal status of relations with employees becomes an advantageous process for the employer. First, the employer gets the right to demand that employees perform their duties in a clear manner, and apply sanctions when evading work. In turn, employees understand the responsibility of the employer and feel their social security.

Correct conduct of personnel work allowsconfidently solve the emerging labor disputes. The existing well-formed legal and legal framework allows the tenant to speak clearly when debates appear and to feel sympathy in court proceedings.

Personnel work is aimed at motivationstaff. The employer, understanding social responsibility, takes measures to increase the overall motivation of employees and raises the level of workers' trust in their company.

Thus, the correct personnel records management gives the employer many advantages and is an economically effective measure for any organization.

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