In modern times, every woman wants toto have a slim figure and a well-groomed body with smooth skin. Fashion dictates its own, and an obligatory condition of beauty for today is the lack of excess hair in the places of the armpits, the bikini zone and on the legs. However, many still have a question, how to achieve good results when removing excess hair.

In search of means and methods of hair removalcover, women go to certain risks for their health. Considering the ways by which you can make the skin smooth, or which hair removal is better, you can distinguish:

1. Shaving. This method is simple enough, and the result from its application appears instantly. The disadvantage of shaving can be considered that, regularly using this method, the hair on the skin becomes stiff, besides, all kinds of irritations can occur on the skin. In addition, the shaving procedure should be repeated on a regular basis.

2. Epilation with burnt sugar. This procedure is similar to wax epilation and is quite painful.

3. Epilation with an electrical appliance, such as a depilator. This method is safe, effective and long-term. At once there is a question, Which epilator is better?

It should immediately be noted that the epilatorA device is called that removes hair by grasping it with two metal discs. These discs, like tweezers, sharply pull out the hair, thereby removing it along with the root. Epilation is a somewhat painful procedure, but the result is excellent, the skin remains smooth for a long time. An important point in using the epilator is to reduce the pain threshold with regular use.

Many will ask, according to what parameters it is necessary to choose this electrical appliance, which epilator is better?

By type of power supply, the epilators are divided intobatteries, that is, those that are powered from the network, such as the company Braun, and those that have an autonomous power supply. The latter are quite convenient to use, since they can be taken with you, for example, on a trip.

According to the principle of action, epilators are divided intodisk and tweezers. In the first case, the hair is clamped with metal disks, in the second case - with metal tweezers. Both types of such electrical appliances are quite effective. Since recently, the third type of epilator has been released, which combines these two principles of action, it is only necessary to change special nozzles. To say which epilator is better in this case is impossible, since the woman herself chooses the one that best suits her.

Depending on the number of tweezers usedon the head of the device, the epilation process can last a different amount of time. Also, some models can be equipped with two hair-grabbing settings, one of which regulates the removal of fine hair, and the other - normal or hard. Such devices are manufactured by Rowenta. It should be noted that all devices for epilation, without exception, have two speeds.

To date, there are several typesepilators that use additional functions when removing hair, and which epilator is better, depends on what functions it has. So, there are vibroepilators, for example, having a work principle based on transferring the pulse of pain to nerve endings, here it is possible to attribute RowentaEP 2610. There are devices with cooling nozzles, thanks to which the epilation process is painless, as the nerve endings are somewhat frozen. A novelty in the cosmetic market is the epilator, which works by the method of stretching the skin when removing hair from its surface. This method is practically painless and developed by Philips.

Thus, knowing the principles of the operation of various devices for hair removal, you can determine for yourself what a good epilator and whether to buy it.

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