Today, the main attention is paid to the fact thatoccurs in the world of mirror and mirrorless cameras, but no less interesting developments appear among compact models. The very first camera of this type was Kodak Brownie, introduced in 1900. Almost 100 years of compacts were the easiest and inexpensive way to get a picture. All this changed the digital revolution. In less than 20 years, compact base-type cameras evolved into many varieties, including ultra-compact, waterproof, automatic, ultra-slim, and finally with zoom-zoom.

Samsung WB350F: Specifications

Compacts with travel-zoom look and work likeStandard, but equipped with lenses with a long focal length and allow manual exposure. The camera "Samsung WB350F" is a vivid example of such cameras. This is a digital compact with 21x magnification, 16-megapixel sensor BSI CMOS 1 / 2.3, 3 "and TFT-touch LCD monitor resolution of 460 thousand pixels, which allows you to record full HD video at 30 fps, manually control the exposure and provides wireless Wi-Fi and NFC. In the event of a breakdown, the manufacturer guarantees free repair of the Samsung WB350F within a year after purchase.

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Assembly and Design

Under externally the usual compact disappearsdevice with great capabilities. The body of the WB350F has dustproof and moisture-proof seals and is trimmed with a white, black, brown, red or blue color that is pleasant to the touch. Price Samsung WB350F is 250-300 US dollars.

The WB350F user interface is simple andis logical, and although the camera's screen is touch-sensitive, it has a full set of buttons, knobs and switches, so when you work with the camera, you do not have to rely solely on the display. All elements are clearly marked, reasonably placed and easily accessible.

Description Samsung WB350F standard for compacts. The top panel contains a classic set of a switch, a mode dial, a larger shutter release button with a zoom control and a pop-up flash. The activation button of the latter is located at the beveled upper edge, as well as the "direct connection" Wi-Fi. The controls on the rear panel are also traditional. A 3-inch fixed LCD monitor occupies about 2/3 of the surface. There is also a textured pad for the thumb, to the right of which is a red video recording button, which eliminates the need to use the screen. The 4-way navigation bar provides direct access to the display, flash, self-timer and macro settings. Below there is a play button and a function key that brings up a menu of adjustable parameters such as shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, photosensitivity, white balance, metering, autofocus, resolution, etc., and when used to delete pictures. As in most models with travel zoom, there is no hand grip.

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Operating Instructions: Operating Modes

The disc on the top of the camera contains the following options for controlling the camera:

  • Smart Auto - automatic scene recognition,in which the camera compares what is in front of the lens with the on-board database, and then immediately before recording the image compares this information with the distance to the subject, white balance, contrast, dynamic range, lighting and color to select the best plot. In this case, the user can only turn the flash on and off.
  • Program - automatic exposure mode with limited manual settings (sensitivity, white balance, exposure compensation and flash).
  • ASM - allows manual exposure setting withthe priority of the aperture when the photographer selects the aperture, and the camera - the appropriate shutter speed, and the shutter priority, in which the camera independently selects the necessary aperture.
  • Fully manual mode, allowing the selection of all exposure parameters.
  • Smart Scene sets the scene that best fits the subject.
  • Best Face - a comprehensive face recognition mode.
  • Select effects - Low Light, HDR, Split Shot, etc.
  • A mode of user settings with the ability to set their own shooting parameters.
  • Wi-Fi - allows you to share images.

samsung wb350f description


Like most modern digital cameras,there is no optical viewfinder here. Instead, for framing, viewing snapshots and navigating through menus, users should rely on a 3 "TFT screen with a resolution of 460 thousand pixels. Photographers rarely use optical viewfinders, even if they are, because in many cases it's faster and easier to track the decisive moment on the screen than through the viewfinder. The display is bright, accurately transmits colors, automatically adjusts to the ambient light conditions and covers approximately 100% of the frame. Like all LCD screens, the Samsung WB350F is hampered by the glare that appears in bright outdoor lighting. The default display shows all the information that the target audience of this model may need.

Shooting efficiency

Turning on the camera takes an eternity - 3.4 seconds, but then the camera's work is noticeably accelerated.

Automatic exposure in Smart Auto andThe program is reliable and impressively fast. Samsung WB350F smart camera is equipped with a fairly standard system of contrast autofocus with a central, multi and tracking AF. In this case, the scene is analyzed, the distance to the object is calculated, the nearest point is determined and the focus is fixed on it. The AF option is ideal for portraits and traditional landscapes, as well as for outdoor photography, since it does not require a face selection. All this takes no more than 0.1 s, and a series of 6 pictures is recorded at a speed of 7.1 k / s.

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Press the flash button and move it toworking position. It is attached to a metal folding mechanism, which lifts it almost 25 mm above the top panel. Since the light source is to the left of the lens axis, the red eye problem should be significantly less.

Small multi-mode pop-up flashSamsung WB350F camera reviews are praised for an acceptable set of lighting options, including automatic, automatic with red-eye reduction, fill flash, slow sync, red-eye removal and manual. It also allows you to produce a backlight with reflected light - just hold it at the desired angle with the index finger of the left hand (while holding the camera the other). This function greatly increases the possibilities of portrait photography. According to user feedback, the flash recharge time is 3-4 seconds.

Compensation for vibration

A particularly important functional featureThe Samsung WB350F reviews are called image stabilization, which provides a longer zoom, since it is almost impossible to keep the camera steady at maximum magnification. Lubrication of images is eliminated by quickly and accurately shifting the sensor, compensating for vibration. Stabilizing the image allows you to reduce the shutter speed by 3 steps. It is also useful when shooting without flash in dimly lit rooms or in situations where the presence of an additional light source would be too obvious.

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Duration of work

Battery life of lithium-ion batterySLB-10A with a capacity of 1030 mAh approximately corresponds to the average value for cameras of this type. The instructions for Samsung WB350F show a number of 310 shots, which corresponds to 155 minutes of photo or 120 video. The battery is charged inside the camera - an external charger is not included in the package, but is offered as an accessory (along with a case, A / V cable and memory card with adapter). The battery can be charged via the USB port from the computer or by using the supplied AC cable.

The WB350F stores JPEG photos and high-definition video on MicroSD memory media.

Lens work

When the camera is turned on, the lensshell, and when it is turned off - is removed back. In this case, the integrated lid is closed to protect the front lens. The scaling is smooth, fairly fast and relatively quiet, especially for such a long-focus lens. Thanks to the large zoom and compact profile, the camera is ideal for an incredibly wide range of applications, but its strongest sides are the small weight and size claimed by travelers.

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It makes no sense to install a lens with azoom, which will not allow you to make a high-quality photo. Not so long ago the limit was considered a 10-fold increase, so 4.1-86.1 mm (23-483 in 35-mm equivalent) brought the camera to a whole new level. A maximum aperture equal to f2.8 is sufficient for outdoor shooting, although in a room and with a lack of light this task can become more complicated, since at a sensitivity above ISO 400 noise becomes a problem. Sharpness in the center of the frame is good, but at the wide-angle end of the zoom the corners are noticeably softer. There is no vignetting. Bochko- and pillow-like distortion in Samsung WB350F user reviews are called well-adjustable.

The contrast is a little "hard", and the colors are accurate, butmarkedly supersaturated. Chromatic aberration is remarkably controlled, but in the areas of transition between dark foreground objects and a bright background, the color edging is sometimes visible. The zooming is smooth, but slow compared to cameras with a shorter focal length. Lens noise is much less than expected. Pictures taken at longer telephoto settings become noticeably softer, but still retain sharpness more than most other models of this price category.

Video quality

Samsung WB350F Black captures HD video informat MP4 with a resolution of 1080p or 720p at a speed of 30 fps, and during video shooting you can change the zoom. The image is clear and colorful, the focus is smooth, but slightly adjusts itself to all scene changes. The sound quality for a compact camera is good. The voices are clear, but the sound of the lens motor can not be heard. The camera does not have an HDMI output that allows you to watch video clips on your TV.

Image quality

According to user feedback, pictures are obtainedmarkedly supersaturated, with a slightly stiff contrast. The images differ in good resolution and, in fact, in the absence of noise to ISO 400. As the photosensitivity increases, interference becomes more apparent. The vast majority of digital compacts increase the color saturation - red shades become too warm, blue shades are brighter than in real life, and green and yellow are more expressive, and the WB350F is no exception. Photos taken on the Samsung WB350F, reviews are praised for their good detail and amazing clarity. The image quality is better than the average for cameras of this class, at least with ISO 400 and lower settings.

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Wireless connection

Captured photo and video can be directlysend to Picasa, Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox, Samsung Link or by email. The application MobileLink for iOS and Android allows you to transfer images to your smartphone or remotely control the camera. Supports automatic backup with content saved on the PC. AutoShare instant snapshot of snapshots as they are captured. It is possible to use the camera as a children's monitor with the translation of video to the smartphone in real time. In addition to the Wi-Fi connection, the camera "Samsung WB350F" supports NFC, which allows you to communicate with a smartphone (or similar devices) when you contact them. The camera also downloads the necessary applications from the Google Play store without having to search for them.


Despite the fact that the camera is superiormost of their competitors in terms of functionality and convenience, higher average noise levels above ISO 400 may be decisive for some potential buyers. Samsung WB350F reviews are called a compact, well-designed, durable and easy-to-use digital camera with 21x zoom, which will appeal to both traveling and street photographers. It is small, fast enough not to miss the crucial moment, inconspicuous, does not look threatening and is capable of reliably capturing quality photos. The camera is pleasant to use, and although it is not without flaws, they are not critical.

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