Wexler brand is known all over the world for itselectronic books and tablets, but recently the company began to produce proprietary smartphones. The first of these was a very stylish and thin ZEN 5. The phone turned out not only dimensional, but also powerful in terms of hardware characteristics. To understand the pros and cons of the model will help a detailed review of Wexler. ZEN 5.

General characteristics

Wexler smartphone. ZEN 5 is a device with a five-inch screen and a rather modest design. The display supports FullHD, has an excellent reflection depth, high pixel resolution.

wexler zen 5
The phone is equipped with a powerful processor andvideo card, 8 GB of internal memory. On the other hand, the device's RAM is only 1 GB in size and can not be expanded. If desired, you can use memory cards up to 32 GB.

ZEN 5 supports about a dozen different interfaces, including navigation. One of the main advantages of the device is its rear camera.

The new product of the brand Wexler is a two-standard smartphone. Its approximate cost is 9 thousand rubles.

Housing and connectors

Today, one of the most bought up representativesmodel is considered a smartphone Wexler. ZEN 5 white. Its white body has dimensions of 71.5 by 142 mm. Each of the models ZEN 5 is considered ultra-thin - only 8.2 mm. The weight of such a device is approximately 142 grams.

The body panels are tightly fitted to each other. According to experts, that's why over time the device will not start to play or creak. The front panel is a flat protective glass that covers the entire screen. The side faces are made of metal. The power button is located on the right side, and the volume control is on the left.

smartphone wexler zen 5 white

There are two connectors on the upper end of the case: microUSB and 3.5 mm. The microphone is located in the bottom panel. Above the display, as is customary, there was a place for the dynamics of calls, the front camera and brand attributes of the manufacturer. It should be noted that the smartphone has three touch buttons with illuminated icons: on the left - "Menu", in the center - "Home", on the right - "Back".

As for the rear panel, it is roundshape, is made of metal. In the upper area, a rear camera with LED flash (horizontal format) plays a little. In the center of the rear panel is the brand logo. The device model is indicated at the very bottom. Slightly to the right is the external speaker.

The connectors for SIM cards are located under the back cover just above the battery. The device supports two standards: SIM and microSIM. There is also a microSD card slot under the cover.


wexler zen 5 black reviews
In general, the smartphone was rather laconic andexquisite. The device is easily placed in one hand. The smooth surface of the back of the case does not make the phone slippery. It is easy to hold it in one hand by allowing clear edges of the front panel of the Wexler. ZEN 5. Customer reviews show that the smartphone also does not remain fingerprints.

On the other hand, many usersThere are problems with the removal of the back cover. The connector of the latter is not very convenient. Difficult to remove and strong internal fasteners. Therefore, changing the same SIM-card can take a lot of time. However, some users are even happy with this fact, as a result of which the cover will not be blown.

As for the buttons, they are on a convenientfor finger distance. But there are drawbacks here. The main thing is too small and soft lock button, which it is almost impossible to grope blindly.

The display on the smartphone is really big, so many experts offer owners to work with it with both hands. Especially this advice will be appropriate when scrolling the tape.

Review of wexler zen 5
Screen Features

The display at Wexler. ZEN 5 is capacitive. The diagonal is 5 inches. Manufactured according to the well-known IPS technology. Optimal display depth allows you to achieve a graphical professor of PowerVR SGX 544MP series. Thanks to him, the smartphone supports a 1080p format. As for the pixel density, it is 441 dpi. Also on the display there is a special protective layer from mechanical damage Corning Glass.

Screen ZEN 5 allows you to neutralize distortionsat any viewing angles. The display of the new product Wexler also has a high definition display and a large margin of brightness. The latter allows you to work seamlessly with your phone even without lighting. On the sun's rays the screen can blink, but the image does not deteriorate.

It is worth noting the sensitivity of the sensor coating. The smartphone responds to even the slightest touch, while instantly recognizing gestures. The display is capable of simultaneously processing five actions.

operating system

Built-in programming interface Wexler. ZEN 5 is based on Android 4.2 with Jelly Bean firmware. To the engine developers added the Wexler Play application, which is an assembly of the most popular basic programs. It allows you to interact seamlessly with online services. It is noteworthy that this application requires activation.

Of the other integrated programs, you canhighlight text editors, standard games, dictionaries, instant messengers, navigators, clients for social networks, players and a couple of dozen of popular gadgets.

The operating system of the device is nothing special, but it is very simple and convenient for permanent use.

Performance Characteristics

Wexler. ZEN 5 is equipped with a quad-core processor from MediaTek series MT6589T. The device operates on a frequency range of up to 1500 MHz. Thanks to this smartphone quickly copes with any load imposed on it by the high hardware requirements of the FullHD-screen.

smartphone wexler zen 5
Despite only 1 GB of RAM,phone almost does not hang, there are no slowdowns in the engine, and the interface functions smoothly. To launch programs and web surfing there are no complaints. Scaling works quickly, pages are scrolled smoothly, without any overload. The video stream is played instantly, regardless of resolution and format.

ZEN 5 supports most of the modern gamesunder the "Android". Here the performance depends on the minimum requirements. If they exceed the hardware capability of the smartphone, then soon the rear panel will begin to heat up strongly, and the image - to brake.

Camera Features

In the complete set of Wexler. ZEN 5 includes two cameras: the front and the main (rear). The first has a resolution of 2 megapixels, and the second - 13. LED flash is only in the rear camera, as well as the ability of autofocus.

Embedded applications are not justmake high-quality photos, but also shoot in 3D mode and panorama. The "Perfect Portrait" function automatically detects the face, reduces cheeks, smooths wrinkles, and increases the eyes. As a result, the user will be surprised by such a quick and wonderful transformation. The HDR mode allows the combination of several frames.

wexler zen 5 reviews
As for video shooting, the interface has a number of additional useful functions: slowing down, stabilizing the file size, overlaying effects, etc.

The front camera is more suitable for well-lit rooms.

Interfaces and battery

The smartphone has several built-incommon modules. First of all, this applies to 3G and GSM. Also, the number of supported interfaces includes EDGE, HSPA, GPS, GPRS, a number of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth versions 4.0.

As already noted, ZEN 5 allows you to workimmediately with two different operators thanks to two slots for SIM-cards. Testing of all wireless interfaces of errors and failures has not revealed. The smartphone is able to hold the signal for a long time even at the Wi-Fi wave propagation boundary.

The battery of the device allows it to work inautonomous mode up to 380 hours. This is an absolute record among modern mobile phones. However, in the talk mode, the device will only function for 10 hours. It is worth noting that the full charge of the battery can take up to 8 hours.

smartphone wexler zen 5 reviews

Expert Reviews

Despite the rather low cost, the buyer gets at his disposal a unique powerful mobile device that by characteristics and performance is not inferior to the leading brands of the world.
It is not superfluous to highlight the stability of worksuch a device as a Wexler smartphone. ZEN 5. Reviews of experts show that the device is able to cope with any problems, except for the most "heavy" games. The experts distinguish such advantages as high autonomy and an excellent camera.

Customer Reviews

According to users, the main advantagesThe devices are support for two standards and a large bright display. Also, the smartphone notes the high quality of photos and video, long battery life, light weight and slim body. The hit of sales in Russia is Wexler. ZEN 5 black. Comments and positive comments from buyers reflect the perfect combination of price and quality.

Out of the drawbacks, consumers are finding it difficult to remove the back cover, a relatively quiet speaker and heating for long hours of demanding applications.

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