Just recently, the purchase of a regular gas orelectric stove was a whole event in the life of the average Russian family. Today, when they come to the store, the buyer's eyes run away from the abundance presented there. The hob is electric, gas, gas-electric, built-in hobs. How among this splendor to pick up what is really necessary? How in all this to understand? After all, buying and connecting the hob is a serious business and requires careful preparation. Let's try to understand the types of hobs. How does the electric hob differ from the gas cooker? And what are their main advantages and disadvantages.

Regardless of whether the hobelectric or gas, they come in two types. The first type is a dependent hob. In this case, the oven is located under the hob or surface, as it is also called, and has a single control with it. In the second variant, the hob is connected separately from the oven and is controlled autonomously. This type of hob is called independent. Today, everyone can order a special furniture set, which will be made and equipped with any kitchen equipment to choose from. But recently there has been a situation where consumers prefer individual hobs. And this is not surprising, because they can easily be built into the existing kitchen furniture. In addition to cooking surfaces in stores today, you can find a great many different built-in modules: built-in grills, steamers and deep fryers. Such an abundance of modules, even in the most ordinary kitchen of medium size, will allow to mount a working surface that would fully meet the needs of the hostess.

Cooking panels are electric, gas andcombined - gas-electric. The hob is electric, made of carbon steel and covered with enamel is considered the cheapest. Nevertheless, she perfectly tolerates all the tests that fall to her lot, and looks good in appearance. This type of panels enjoys a good demand among buyers. In some cases, enameled panels are decorated with tempered glass. Particularly well with these inserts are gas cooking surfaces. It seems that the gas burns directly on the glass. Panels made from stainless steel are stronger than enamelled. They are not afraid of blows and persistently suffer the effects of acetic or citric acid. The disadvantages of such hobs include a higher price compared to enameled panels and the fact that special cleaning products are required to care for them.

Electric or gas cookermade of glass ceramics - the most common type of cooking surfaces on the Russian market. They are much more expensive than enameled and made of stainless steel panels. Nevertheless, they have a number of advantages. Such panels heat up very quickly and just as quickly cool down. This material has a low horizontal thermal conductivity, due to this the side surfaces of the panel remain practically cold. Today, cooking surfaces made of glass ceramics are the most popular. A significant role in this played their appearance. In addition, they are easy to clean. The safety margin of glass-ceramic panels is quite high, but, nevertheless, it is better to avoid strong impacts all the same. Unfortunately, the panels of glass ceramics are not without shortcomings. In addition to the fact that they do not tolerate pinpoint strokes, they are not recommended to spill foods that contain sugar. For such panels it will be necessary to buy a new set of dishes, since the old one may not be suitable. It is not recommended to use cleaning agents containing abrasives during surface cleaning.

To date, the production of panels ofa lot of companies are engaged in ceramics. To list them all does not make sense. We can say that the most popular among consumers is the products of Bosh and Ariston. Cooking panels from these manufacturers are considered not only the most reliable, but also the most advanced in terms of using modern technologies. For example, in the glass-ceramic hobs of Bosh company, the TermoControl system is used, using which the hostess will only need to select a mode, and the temperature of the burner will be controlled automatically. And in modern models of glass-ceramic panels Ariston elements Hilight are used, which warm up the ring in a few seconds.

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