Car alarms are complicated with eachyear, offering drivers all the new features of the security complex. Modern versions of such systems have gone beyond purely anti-theft tasks and cover virtually the entire range of tools for monitoring and controlling a car. It is enough to note the functions of the engine's autostart, remote control of electronics and navigation systems. All this is also offered in the Tomahawk TZ-9010 complex, which, in addition to competitors, also stands out for reliability and stability of software functions. True, it is only possible to count on an efficient and effective performance of the system tasks provided that the rules of operation are observed.

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General information about the instrument

The model is an optimizedcomplex of multifunctional telematic alarm systems. The security functions of this module are based on the electromechanical locking of the car parts responsible for access. These include doors, hood, luggage compartment and windows. Each of these parts is monitored by means of electronics and sensors. In particular, the kit includes a shock sensor, according to which the central unit will be able to determine the attempted break-in. And this is only one of a wide range of features that can inform the alarm microprocessor of the need for an alarm signal. The main feature of such systems is the special nature of interaction with the user. Tomahawk TZ-9010 alarm system is controlled by means of a complete key fob based on the coded dialogue. This means that all commands, as well as settings and responses will be forwarded according to a given encryption algorithm, which is individual in each case. Critics of telematics security complexes point to vulnerable remote control locations. However, not for the first year the developers provide effective means of countering intruders on the field of wireless radio modules. In this case, these problems are solved with the help of high-tech systems in the form of anti-scanner and anti-grabber.

General requirements for installation

installing tomahawk tz 9010

Even before the selection of the alarm setevaluate the possibility of installation in a particular car. This system is universal in terms of installation, but in some cases, the nuances are possible when connecting and connecting the electrical wiring loops. By the moment of direct installation, the correct operation of the existing electrical equipment and the stability of the power supply from the battery pack must be checked. He will act as the main source of nutrition. It is desirable that the voltage is 12 V. The central alarm unit allows slight deviations from this value, but in small limits. In addition, the quality of the Tomahawk TZ-9010 system will depend on how well the individual components are connected. First of all, this is guaranteed by creating a network with insulated wiring loops. Each line must be removed from heat sources and movable parts. Further - all fixing and fixing fittings, not to mention the wires themselves, should be complete. However, with the organization of non-standard interchanges and the inclusion of additional modules, cables and consumables not included in the basic set are allowed.

Installing Tomahawk TZ-9010

The main signaling component is the centralblock, to which the power circuits and lines from other functional modules are reduced. As a rule, the controllers are fixed under the dashboard. It is important to ensure a flat horizontal position of the device. Direct fastening is made with the help of regular fixatives, brackets and clamps. The choice of the installation method depends on the local structural and technical conditions. The signaling antenna should be as high as possible. Optimal option - on the glass, but so that it had a small distance from the metal parts of the car and other radio devices. Fixation is also performed by different methods depending on the point of installation - Velcro, clamps or frame with brackets. Then you can proceed to install the siren, which is also controlled through the central unit Tomahawk TZ-9010. The instruction recommends to install it in the engine compartment, with the mouthpiece down, as this will prevent the technical stuffing from getting wet. For the same reason, the insecurity of the engine compartment from moisture and fine particles of dirt is desirable and the connection points of the wires are transferred to the cabin.

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Wire connection

To connect the central unit to the batteryand the functional parts provide the power connector 6 PIN. The set of wires includes cables for the output signal, power supply of the circuits and the system as a whole. In particular, wires of blue, yellow, green color serve for connection to the ignition locks. The red lead directly connects the battery and the Tomahawk TZ-9010 relay. The starter connection is realized via a black-and-yellow wire - also via a relay. In this case, it must be taken into account that each line must have its own fuse. As a result, the central unit concentrates channels from triggers, locks, sensors, sirens and other auxiliary equipment, which is used in the security complex.

tomahawk tz 9010 User manual

Alarm setup

Setup should start with the sensor, from whichthe signaling activity will immediately depend on the installation. In this part, it is necessary to correctly adjust the sensitivity of the Tomahawk TZ-9010 sensor according to the preset scale. There are no universal values, so the adjustment is realized in each case separately by experienced tests tapping on the car body and glasses. It is important to find the limit when the impact can be qualified as an alarm signal. If you set the sensitivity threshold too high, the trips will be frequent and false.

Next, you configure the algorithms by whichcar alarm Tomahawk TZ-9010 will be controlled by the key fob. The gadget buttons are programmed according to ergonomic user requests. The quick access modes, the main autorun button, the alarm signal, etc. are set. The configuration of the signal reflection via the LED indication that notifies the car owner is also adjusted.

tomahawk tz 9010 user guide

Operating Modes Tomahawk TZ-9010

The alarm provides for several modesoperation. In particular, the immobilizer mode works itself after the ignition is turned off. The key to start the engine in this state of the system is impossible. In the alarm mode, the alarm and parking lights come on. The keyfob is given the appropriate signals with a characteristic indication. To activate this mode, it is just necessary to force the sensor area exceeding the established limit. The system can also be programmed to increase the alarm to attract outside attention to the car. In the Anti-hijack mode, you can activate the entire vehicle lock yourself. In this state, the alarm will also be activated, and the starter will be blocked. Attention should also be paid to the new Valet mode, which limits the functionality of the Tomahawk TZ-9010 system. The instruction indicates that in this case the control can be given only the central lock, by means of which it is possible to exit this mode. But only the owner of the keyfob, who knows the configuration of pressing the buttons for entering the Valet mode, can do this.


You can arm the car by pressingmain lock button. At this point, the alarm will emit one siren signal and give a light indication. This will indicate that all the security zones included in the complex were put on guard. In other words, all the locks worked. If the siren makes a series of signals, this will be a sign that there are not locked doors, trunk or other guarded part of the car. After correcting the missed security zone, a corresponding signal will be sent again to activate Tomahawk TZ-9010. The operating manual for this system indicates that those wishing to perform arming with minimal attention can turn off the siren and lights (only in this task). In this case, the confirmation of the guard action will be sent to the key ring in the form of a message.

Disarming and Auto-Start

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With the guard the machine is removed by pressing the same buttonunlocking. In response, dual signals will be given parking lights and a siren. Again, depending on the settings, the disarming confirmation can be reported to the Tomahawk TZ-9010 keychain. The operating instructions indicate that disabling the protection function does not at all mean the automatic start of the engine and the unlocking of the starter. To perform this action, you must press the combined button set that was selected in advance in the programming mode. By the same scheme is implemented autorun, which, in turn, also does not result in an automatic withdrawal of the car from the guard.

Positive reviews

The system demonstrates good workelectronics without violations and failures. This is one of the main differences of this model, which distinguishes it against the background of competitors. Also note the users and the wide functionality of Tomahawk TZ-9010. The responses of experienced car owners say that the system provides all the necessary spectrum of control, which should be in the electromechanical signaling complex. To this, many add the usefulness of the self-diagnostic function, which automatically detects errors and malfunctions.

Negative feedback

However, this kit can not be put in onea series with multifunctional systems provided by GSM, GPS, etc. According to the owners, the absence of a navigation module, for example, significantly limits the driver in control capabilities. In addition, there are also unpleasant nuances of exploitation. Many users are faced with a situation where when you turn on autorun the engine simply does not work. Tomahawk TZ-9010 in such situations is involved in a conflict of two tasks. On the one hand, the power unit must be activated, and on the other hand the immobilizer continues to block the starter. The way out of the situation can be to reconfigure the system with a clear distribution of security tasks of different modules within the same autorun configuration.


With the fact that today increasingly appearcar alarms with enhanced communication capabilities between the controller and the user, the demand for simplified solutions remains. This includes the Tomahawk TZ-9010, which is underscored by the ease of handling its tools and general ergonomics.

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Basic opportunities correspond to manyPremium systems running on the platform of the same remote communication modules. The disadvantage of the option is compensated by the fact that the modification of the TZ-9010 costs several times cheaper.

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