Canon Ixus 145 is a digital device for creatingcolorful photos and shooting short video. A small and compact camera has gained popularity among those who like to travel, it happens at banquets, visits interesting places. In addition, the technique can be entrusted to the elementary school student.

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Digital camera Canon Ixus 145 is designed for shooting in the daytime and in well-lit rooms. It is possible to photograph text, images from paper medium.

Camera Features

This model is appreciated for small dimensions and weight:

  • width - 95 mm;
  • height - 54 mm;
  • thickness - 22 mm;
  • weight with battery - 127 g.

As you can see, these sizes allow to place the camera not only in a small bag, but also in the pocket of trousers.

CCD-type matrix for Ixus 145 Canon has a numberpixels 17 million of them workers - 16 million, which almost does not affect the quality of images. The presence of a crop factor (5.62) allows you to take photos and shoot video from a long distance. You can adjust the ISO sensitivity manually (range 100-1600) or set the automatic mode.

Thanks to the built-in lens with asphericallenses and an optical zoom 8x you can zoom in on the image. For example, an amateur photographer wants to capture a dove flying at the level of the fifth floor of a residential building. But the goal is to photograph not the silhouette of a bird, but a detailed picture. This camera allows you to do this without distortion. Aperture with a range of F3.2-F6.9 allows you to carry out high-quality photo and video shooting in good light. Unfortunately, in dim lighting, noise in the image may appear.

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The presence of a digital image stabilizer is veryIt is important if taking pictures without a tripod. The Canon Ixus 145 has a built-in flash that can cover up to 3 m. In the settings, you can also set the red-eye reduction mode.

The 2.7-inch LCD screen is a viewfinder, and also allows you to view the result of shooting a photo or video.

The camera uses memory cards SD, SDXC, as well as SDHC of various sizes. It is possible to redirect images (JPEG format) and video (MOV format) via USB cable to the memory of a PC or laptop.

As for the exposition, it is necessary separatelynote the exposure parameters, which are 15-1 / 2000 s. This means that Canon Digital Ixus 145 automatically selects the shooting speed. Unfortunately, you can not change this parameter by yourself.

Contrast focusing allows you to make clearImages. The minimum distance on which the photographer can be relative to the subject is 10 cm. There is a face focusing and autofocus illumination.

The camera battery allows you to make about 300 photos, after which you will need to recharge it. The battery capacity is 680 mAh.

Video shooting is carried out with the maximum resolution1280x720. The amount of memory for one movie or the total number of small films should not exceed 4 GB. It is possible to use the zoom if necessary.

canon camera ixus 145

The kit includes:

  • wrist strap,
  • Charger,
  • battery,
  • AC cable,
  • instructions.

Before buying, you should check whether the camera is working, whether everything is included.

Model prices

The average price for Ixus 145 Canon is 4500 rubles. Unfortunately, in 2017 production of this model stopped, in connection with which it may not be available in many stores. If desired, you can find a similar model of Canon or purchase from owners who want to sell it.

Real feedback from people

About Canon Ixus 145 reviews are mostly positive. Many users note its advantages:

  • easy;
  • compact;
  • convenient built-in menu;
  • clear photos;
  • quickly responds to the press of the shutter button;
  • Beautiful design.

But there are also remarks:

  • the case is glossy;
  • cheap plastic;
  • Noises in the photo, created in poor light and at dusk.

There is another significant drawback - lowBattery capacity. Therefore, if you plan to take a long photo without the possibility of recharging the battery, it is better to stock up an additional battery or take another camera with you.

To whom is intended

Compact and inexpensive camera suitablefemale sex. It easily fits not only in the ladies' bag, but also in a small clutch. The model is of different colors, which is in addition to attractive accessories.

Many parents who bought the Canon Ixus 145 forchild, were satisfied. Children easily navigate through the settings in the menu. The camera itself is great for recording events happening in children's camps, in a hiking trip.

Sometimes about Canon Ixus 145 reviews are negative in terms of unjustified expectations. That is, a person who used a mirror camera, wanted to see the same image quality in a simple model.

Recommendations for use

To make the photos perfect, you needstrive for a good light: bright light in the room, cloudless weather during the day. Do not photograph an object or people so that the light is directly on the lens.

canon digital ixus 145

The durability of the camera depends on carefulrelations to it. It is recommended to remove it in a case or cover in order to preserve its presentation. It is desirable to periodically clean out the lens with special means, LCD display.

The camera will appeal to those who want to learn how to take pictures in order to preserve vivid memories of events.

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